Things relating to Futurama.

I find it kind of sad. Futurama is awesome (and a lot of people agree), but there are no things relating to it that can be downloaded to Gmod. And I don’t have a clue when it comes to skinning and modelling.
So, my question is; Can someone fix something? As you might notice I’m not very specific, but when I say something I mean anything. Reskinning a fizzy drink can so that it bears the logo of Slurm would be enough, just that there is something.

FPSbanana has ton of Slurm reskins, some examples

There used to be some really crappy futurama map…and I do mean crappy, they ended up crashing half the time or were full of goddy textures. I think they were on fpsbanana…Im really not sure.

There are models of Bender, Fry, Leela, and Farnsworth for Ut2004, and it’s incredibly easy to get the models and textures out of 2004.

Rigging is another question. I can easily get those models for you, but I can’t rig them. Also, only the Farnsworth model is really any good.


Im not sure what the flickering black shit on his coat is.