Things RUST needs. leave a friendly message :)

first of all, I know this is an Alpha version. I’m just not aware of any feature list so this are some of mine:

essential updates:

add compass and map. maps should be buyable and update where you walk in a radius.
add binoculars.
add clan options. you should be able to group up easy and see where your friends are.

make fighting better. its now running and trying to hit. you cant easily evade a hit which should be possible by dodging. it just doesnt feel right

**optional updates: **

(would improve overall gameplay imho)

add options for farming. do something with traders. this to build an economy.
if there are 20+ people in a village it should be pvp protected and be named as a village. it from then should get some local traders and farmers and stuff
some resources should be less comon in some regions to stimulate economy and trading.

you can still be a pvp player all you like running down caravans and such.
I’d like to hear opinion’s not flamebaits and troll posts.

Only thing i support is the binoculars and farming, other than that the other things are not that very essential. The map isn’t hard to learn, after you play the game for awhile you know exactly where everything is. A clan system will not be added, same with pvp protected areas because people are encouraged to infiltrate villages and steal. The devs don’t want to limit players on what they can or can not do.

I’d like a way to create signs like trespasser will be shot.

And to create messages so you can drop at note to your fellow neighbors such as “will go hunting at 8 tonite, be at our camp if you wanna join”

There shouldn’t be a map in rust ruins the whole exploration and adventure of the game but a compass is fine it is partial information which would be nice.

I don’t think that you need compass, it’s pretty easy to find the north / south / east / west and if they will add a map so it will be easier…

But your other suggestions are pretty good.

Im surprised your opinions are all different. Seems like everyone expect something else from the game.
Keep em coming guys!

I think there should be some way to texture or paint your clothing so you can build a pseudo clan with your friends.

I really like the realism of this game as it is with names not being visible and people looking the same more or less. Again, adding some kind of armor customization so you can tell team mates apart would be nice and lends itself to nice infiltration possibilities (if someone can mimic your customization it will be hard to tell hes not part of your team)


No changes should be done to Friendly Fire or any clan overlay or party members where u can see them on the map or anything like that. I really think that stuff would take away from the feeling of this game.

Compass yes, as you could and should find one in a survival situation. Map, maybe character created, binos and scopes also yes, but much more difficult to craft. No to pvp protection - if you don’t want it, play on the PVE servers.

Yeah I’d like that too.