Things that i not like - GAPA


I think that Rust is a awesome game.

But there some problems like hackers and specially one thing that i really hate.

This game is immersive, YES much IMMERSIVE and when the night is comming i have a sensation of fear.

The problem: GAPA. I really hate the gapa, because this ruin the fun of play at night.

What is advantage that exit at night without gapa and turn on (or off) the light, while that user that uses gapa level up his gamma and brightness, viewing all in the night?

How facepunch will solve this problem?

Guys, What do you think ?

absolutely agree

night time without gamma would be perfect

They have plans to defeat gamma crankers. What is GAPA?

I think it’s some software to mess with gamma.

A software that change gamma, brightness and contrast.

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This is involve rewrite completly the engine that control night and day

I think that these days all drivers for graphic cards have an option to adjust different stats of picture - including gamma.
I know first hand that Intel and nvidia graphic cards drivers can do it no problemo - I don’t have ATI card but i’m sure ATI has same options.

I rly doubt it’s fixable…how would one fix it if it’s graphic card setting. I heard some stories about solutions where adjusting gamma causes abnormal colors or something like that but then ppl will just adjust colors with graphic card settings :stuck_out_tongue:

I read a trello card once where they were talking about adding a noise effect to night time so that cranking gamma would only make it harder to see. Haven’t heard anything about it since.

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Same way they fixed it in Crysis. At night time if you crank your gamma you get a white noise effect on the screen.

While some people are using gamma to brighten their game and get an advantage, im over here with flux which reduces brightness(look it up, its actually really nice on your eyes)… am i weird?

no, i think that you only want that game be immersible or be more difficult.

Add in a subtle particle effect to supplement the night time shading. Nights are still dark, but cranking up the gamma intensifies the particle effect, blinding you.

Gamma problem solved. Please send me cookies and a medal.

makes sense. Send your suggestion to developers.

I play Rust on both my dekstop pc and my macbook pro when i’m not at home.

My desktop’s screen is perfect, i can play at night and it’s only ‘really dark’ for a minute or two. But on my macbook it’s so dark all the time that i just have to wait it out everytime (so that’s 5/10 minutes of doing nothing). Even with the screen’s settings on full brightness / gamma. That really sucks. So i understand that people might use extra software to crank up the brightness…

I’m hoping that FP will find a way to fix it on both ends though. :slight_smile:

holy shit is that free? i get the worst migranes at night sometimes. nm dont bother answering ill google it. but in general if its dark irl and im looking at my monitor without lights on , migraine comes in minutes. /sadface