Things that "I" would like to see in the game and maybe you would like too !!

Hi everyone!

Two things before start my post:

  1. English isn’t my native language so i apologize for any gramatical mistakes. (Mi idioma natal es el español y no, no soy mexicano ni español :smiley: )
  2. Everyone feel free to post i didn’t read, because you’re too lazy to read :slight_smile:

Well, i’ve played this game for almost 1 year and i just wanted to express my opinion and ideas to improve this game a little.

So, here is a list of things that i think it would be good to be added or improved in the game, to make it more realistic in some ways or to make it more practical.


  • Why characters can’t punch? i mean without a rock we are useless at the beginning. It would be nice that they add this to at least have a chance to defend or attack. Yes, we can suicide and get a new rock, but what if i like the area where i had spawned?
  • If you lose your rock, why can’t you get one from the environment? there is a lot of rocks everywhere.
  • Throw more items. Like the rock, the axe or one handed things. I know all of this needs an animation for every item, but it would be a nice add to the game. So if you desperate need to defend yourself use everything you got, just like real life (?).
  • Humans should be slowed or incapacitated when get hit on the legs (depends on dmg) or get too wounded.
  • You should run and attack (melee) faster proportionally to your food and water meter. This is gonna make people need to be careful about hungry and thirst.
  • Add hair. Random as everything on the character, but add it :slight_smile:

Items (blueprints, materials and wearables):

  • Clothes (burlap pants, burlap shirts, t-shirts, gloves and everything that you use on the torso, legs and hands made of cloth. No shoes except for the on made of burlap and no hard helmets) needs to get a way to transform back those into cloth (material) again.
  • Wooden compound wall should be a default bp and the stone one should be common bp.
  • The same for the gloves, do really you need a bp for making a pair of gloves? it should be default.
  • And for the stone spear, apply the same logic. It’s just a spear with a stone tied on.
  • Wolf head hood should help against cold environment. It doesn’t give any stats (i know the devs says this item it was made just to look “cool”, but i still think it should give some stats).
  • It should be one or two uniques extra slots for armors or jackets. Because those goes over other clothes we use. I want to use something in the head, a t-shirt, pants, shoes and gloves AND armor for chest and legs also, because the last two i use it over the other clothes.
  • The clothes should show the stats without the necessity of equip them to see it. The same for the craft menu, it should show the stats so we can see and select better what clothes are best for different purposes.


  • It has to be an option of “triangle block” on the building plan. I don’t know why it doesn’t exist on first place :confused: i mean there is a triangle foundation and a triangle floor, why not a triangle block?
  • Can you add an “undo” option when you upgrade something by mistake to an undesired material, this option should be available for 10 sec or less after the upgrade, it’s just to correct the stupid mistake we (or only I) made.
  • The armored tier door has a little groove at the eye level, it would be nice an option to open that and see to the exterior and close it. Only available on the armored tier door. Of course if someones shoot through this when you open it you will get hit.


  • Please fix animal movement. They can climb mountains in seconds ._. AND even go trough stones and walls :confused:
  • Also animals that has died on a mountain and the corpse rolls down, you can’t farm it or recover the arrow stick on it.
  • Animals should be slowed or incapacitated when get a shot on the legs a few times (depends on dmg) or get too wounded.
  • Sometimes when you kill an animal on a mountain the corpse fall through the rock/floor. Please fix that too.

Well that’s it. Probably i will remember a lot more things later. So for the ones who had read all of this… What do you think? :slight_smile:

The thing with animals have made me sick of it too. There’s 2 bugs that u maby didnt now about. 1. if u kill an animal on a hill and it rolls down it all the way and its far away from where it died, it can get harvested. i wish they fix this thing. 2. They cant just only run mountains in secounds. i have come aross when they walk throw rocks. THIS MAKES ME SO MAD. cuz u will not now where they are going.

Your idé are really nice and would make the gameplay alot more fun. But if all of it would be added it would be needing ALOT of coding. and give alot of bugs too. But other than that, great ides!

That is a really good list of suggestions. I am surprised. You mention a lot of important bugs, like the problems with animals climbing the cliffs. Thanks!

Yea. I think we are all tired of magical Phase-walking creatures that “fight” in our walls where we cant hit them, and when hit, carry our spears away at Mach 2 up a sheer face… then taunt us by running vertical circles on said sheer face cliffs.

Someone give this guy a medal, now! :downs:

i know those bugs you mentioned too and are really annoying, but i forgot to write them XD Thx for the reminder. Should i add them? (i’m not really use to post on forums ^^U)

you have some dank ideas m9