Things that make singeplayer less lonely.

We all know the feeling. Your favorite server goes down, your LAN is chipped by your cat chewing your wiring or anything other comes up like your girlfriend making a desperate attempt to get you interested in her by not paying the internet bills.

What keeps you busy in singleplayer? What makes your massive map feel less like a ghost town?

Starting massive AI wars

Yeah, NPC wars at fun. A lot of addons are out there that make things more enjoyable.


AI wars in slow motion, 360 noscoping Kleiner in slow motion, 360 noscoping Kleiner while in the middle of an AI war in slow motion, or you can take out the slow motion.

so many possibilities.

I’m starting to figure out why the ragdoll torture maps were so popular back in the day. Hahaha.

Using M9K snipers, and placing NPC’s around one central one, and pretending I am a sniper, and shooting him! :dance:

Funniest thing is fighting fast zombies with jalopy :stuck_out_tongue:

Or just torture dr.kleiner.

Creating a course with props and try to get through it with a vehicle

I still love torture maps.

don’t question my reasons. you don’t want to know.

I only play singleplayer myself. I prefer the “loneliness”, as you call it - much less chaotic, it’s just me and my creativity.

Making bizarre creatures by abusing the bone editor on npcs :v:


Your right hand.

oh wait…

Using Wiremod to create weapons of mass destruction against hordes and hordes of zombies. :dance:

Ragmod 2 V4, AI wars, creating immature shit to destroy, watching antlion guards destroy the living fuck out of every NPC it can find.

Spawn some destroyable buildings from the Saved Dupes browser and blow it up with combine balls. It is also fun to put somebody in it before you destroy it.

I made Wittle1 because I get lonely. He follows me around and occasionally makes beeping noises.

I start an enormous bone-manipulated AI war and build wiremod bombers with gbombs to fight it. To be honest though, there is an infinite number of things to do when you are lonely.