Things that needs to be sorted out regarding the water. (DEV BRANCH)

  1. There are islands, but it is wayy too hard/long to get there, we need an autoswim option. almost drowned due to getting underwater for some seconds.
  2. There are finally islands, rowing boats would come handy, both in terms of speed, and fighting from water. There are almost unpenetrable water-bunkers afterall. There could be the classic rowing boat, and a bunch of logs tied together.
  3. Sea does not cool down to -33 at nights! It is extremely risky to go swimming after midday, because you may end up frozing to death.(its in the desert biome!)
  1. If you line your view up so you’re just slightly looking above center and tap jump at the right moment you’ll glide smoothly for a good distance in the water. It takes a few times to get the timing down, but when you do it’s pretty easy to cross the water.

  2. They’re on the Trello board and I can’t wait!

  3. I agree with this. Would be cool if the water could have different biome attributes also. Maybe eventually.