Things that Rust should have <--------

In Menus :

-Option to remove servers from your history.
-In options you can turn the nudity and the grass On or Off

In game :
-Add a map to see the world (Noobs special) XD
-Add a knife as a melee weapon that should give animal loot faster
-Remove Zombies and add more animals in the world
-Add a revolver
-Add personal safes that are hard to craft and rare to find
-Add a option to mark peopole as friendly and prevent from friedly fire (Approval of the both)
-Add option to create LAN servers
-Able to share doors
-Able to destroy house parts and drop them

In servers :
-Option to see what and how much players are online
-Fix lag spike
-Mark admins with colours


I think you meant “fix lag spike”, not remove. It’s not something they put to the game by meaning :stuck_out_tongue: The map is a good idea and has been suggested before, but i’m not sure if GPS is useful if you already have a map and maybe your location can be seen in the map.

BIG NO! For the map, not knowing exactly where you are and having to learn the map is essential to the vibe of the game IMO, map would cheapen the survival experience.

Here’s mine:

-In crafting menu add option to type number or single click to increase number of crafting… Especially with things like gunpowder having to click every time to increase by 1 is way too tedious. I clicked 500 times in a row for making not much gunpowder and this is very stupid and tiring.

-Add toggle sprint or double tap W for sprint, having to hold down shift is tedious/tiring.

-Make no-drop zones for supply drops, only for unobtainable areas. Have experienced multiple times the drops landing in mountain peaks simply inaccessible due to vertical cliffs (note: vertical from every angle).

-Add browse by server name option.

Apart from that I trust the developers and add that I love where this game is going. Vehicles would be cool but suggest simple one’s like bicycles, again cars would take away from the experience until the map is much bigger.

Thanks heaps.

About the crafting amount… If you hold down shift you will increase the amount by 10. If you hold down ctrl you will increase the amount to the maximum you can craft from the available materials.

We dont need a map. It is easy to learn it once you play for a couple hours.

Rust =/= DayZ

A map would be pretty nice since they are pretty important to any survivalist.

**- map

  • binoculars
  • clans**
    . Door sharing
    . Clan tags
    . Specialty weapons
    • turrets etc (help with defending while offline)
      - web based server info/stats
  • . As a admin I’d like away to see who is online
    . Player ranks?
    . Kills / Death and last login time*
    - more weapons
    **- farming
  • street lights or something similar to light surrounding areas**

Massive NO! To admins getting special commands that give them the edge over everyone else. Sadly hundreds of people have suffered from admin abuse forcing them to throw away their hard work and start on a new server. Also the GPS idea doesent really fit in with the “post apocalyptic” survival thing and as zephatlien said, once you play the map you learn it pretty well and will be able to find your way anywhere and everywhere. A knife would be a good idea, could start out as a simple rock knife maybe a slither from your starting stone, and then a LQM knife could be crafted later on which would gather animal loot faster and could possibly be thrown at short range. A nudity and grass box in settings would be a good idea but really I find the nudity thing pretty hilarious but hey maybe not all people get a thrill out of whipping my pants off and tea-bagging the f#%¥ out of a vanquished for or just a sleeper :wink: #immaturetwelvie4lyfe

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Ctrl+click crafts max already Shift+click raises craft amount by 10 already
i’d also say no to offline defenses like auto-turrets you’d have people just placing them all over we don’t need a gps and honestly don’t need a map if you go out and explore the place isnt really that big i been playing for a week and i can pretty much find my way anywhere you just need to learn the map by exploring.
Now personally i wouldnt mind seeing things like claymores, landmines, and other trap type weapons, maybe some flash bangs and smoke grenades, and a few more skill type weapons like the bow maybe a crossbow, javelin, or throwing knives, ect.

On the topic of the map, I think it should be added, but not a shitty ‘You are here’ type of map, just a map of the area that you could perhaps mark with a stick and dye maybe? I don’t know but a simple map to explain to my mates where the base is would be nice.

Rust ist the first game I play without a map and I love the feeling to use the sun and the moon to navigate…maps are for other games not for real survival…

GPS ?? Even worse, do you want RUST to turn in a game like every other ? Paint a map yourself, use the landmarks to know where you at, learn to survive without all these comodities…

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How would you describe it in realworld … “Find a street or any building and we guide you from there…Ok you are at the factory with a big stove ? Head down the road with the rising sun to your right…”

Isn’t that more fun, fresh and new …

The biggest problem with the map is the fact that everything looks so similar for new players, and guiding people to the new base after we have been raided is hard as hell since saying, ‘Yeah you see that big rock, turn left when you are 20 meters from it’ or ‘oh you’re at the rad factory, which one?’ it would be a lot easier saying ‘right, go to insert obvious landmark and when you are there head North till you find insert other obvious landmark, now run left and you’ve made it’ which is a hell of a lot easier with a map.

But I do see your point, no map gives it more of a survival feel.

-Bars you can place on windows
-rare, craftable topographic map that doesn’t show you your location.
-some form of boobytrap system
-access rights for doors
-Robust chat system (group, local, world, pm)
-Powerful, bolt action rifles
-thirst system and water sources
-mountable internal lighting (torch with long burn time that can be refueled.
-cannibalism (human meat can be harvested, eat to much and it tge only food that will give you calories)
-female avatars
-food nodes (berry bushes, carrots, etc)
-dismantle option for crafted items
-volume controls for voice chat (murmur control)
-spray paint or signs or something for your own structures (“Welcome to Woodberry”)
-Clothing dye (now we can have red team vs blue team, etc)

Scopes and powerful rifles would be too OP, KoS from a distance, I think not.

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Guys check this out:

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Omfg thanks for the heads up on ctrl and shift crafting! ty ty ty

No to the new weapons (except the revolver), the last thing we need is for this to become a DayZ clone, keep it a survival game with mostly primitive weapons, have modern weapons become rare and valuable with ammunition difficult to acquire or craft.