Things that should be added, House decorations, attachments, ect

I just got this game 2 weeks ago, and I know this is Alpha, but I want more items.

*House Items - I want house items, Curtains, Fences to put on Decks, Torches that you can place, maybe when you kill a deer you can get a head, that you can place on the wall, I just want extra stuff to put in a household.

*Attachments - Attachment that makes the bullet put more damage, in like Zombies, ect… A Sniper scope, on like a Bolt Action Rifle.

*Fall damage - If you break your legs, a Large Medkit should, fix the broken leg.

*Crafting time - The Crafting time should be Reduced on lots of the items, Example, wood items.

Thanks for reading this, please SPREAD all this around, so they get a change to see my post. The people I play with on here, agrees with placing down torches, and the House Decorations, like the Deer head. Thanks guys!

  • I don’t think that’s really a good idea, the game has restrictions on the amount of buildings/objects that can be placed. Furthermore it would increase the fps lag on pc’s who are already struggling to run Rust.
  • As much as I would want to see a sniper scope on a bolt action rifle, please keep in mind that the bolt action already is OP damage wise. Enhanced damage (which isn’t realistic since you don’t use a different bullet) really isn’t necessary since a head shot would finish off most players.
  • Again, nope. Being injured is a fundamental part of the rock climbing etc you can do. It is something to take into consideration should you try to jump to places where it’s iffy if you would make it or not. When being on the run from people you have to make a decision; fast decent (risk of breaking a leg and being sitting duck) or slow decent (picking your path with care not to fall but getting somewhere cover/house etc. slower.)
  • Again, this is part of the game. It isn’t realistic to make something from scratch in a few seconds (or instantly). While you are crafting you are also significantly slower. This is something to take into account when you are crafting an item while trying to raid someone. Giving the victim a chance to retaliate when you are vulnerable.

This could be neat. I’m sure once the devs implement ways to increase fps and game speed, something like this would be a good addition.

I think all military guns in the first place need to go. Binoculars, maybe. But the bolt action is already good as it is.

I think broken legs should affect you longer, honestly. However, it shouldn’t be such a drastic effect, at least while you have the adrenaline of being chased.

Just find a server with 1/2, 1/4, or instacraft. There are plenty.

Would love a sniper scope for the bolt action.

1.House decorations? This isn’t Sims my friend. We are not here to place a couch in a room. We are here to SURVIVE! Anything that would not help that happen is unnecessary.

  1. We already have attachments. If you mean MORE attachments, that would be a different matter.

  2. We already have that.

  3. That is up to the server admin to decide.

7 Days to Die has decorations, like couches and shit, and its fully a zombies game, plus PVP, or PVE

Then we should remove homes, storage, and PvP from the game, as they barely relate to true survival at the moment.

Right now the game boils down to “Kill non-threatening AI and enemy players, make a tower, and raid other towers”. It’s not a survival game first of all because there is very little to survive outside of other players and second of all dying doesn’t make you lose everything you own, it only makes you lose what you had on you.

He’s saying a medkit should instantly fix the leg. I can agree with that. Being injured all the time from five foot falls is annoying.

We might as well let server admins set the values for medkits, gun damage, hunger drain, etc as well then.

He’s suggesting changes to the vanilla / official settings, which is perfectly acceptable.

I think weather would be a neat thing to add. Storms that can cause damage to homes. Either with wind or fire (from lightning). Snow that causes extreme cold.

Another thing would be dependance on water. Right now once you get a bow, food is not an issue at all. Getting fresh water could be another task to add. With weather there could be droughts, which cause you to seek other sources. This would also impact where you keep your shelter.

Compass. I think a compass would be appropriate. You can make this in the real world with a needle and water.

How is pvp not part of survival? man shoots at you. you shoot back, and you kill him. AKA survival.

Largemedkit should not fix a broken leg. but you should be able to make something like a splint, that lessens the move restriction while its broken.