Things to increase the performance of your server?

So lately I have been experiencing a few problems with my server. (DarkRP)

Around the higher player count (20+) the server begins to get pretty laggy and stuttery.

Are there anyways to improve the performance of my server / the darkrp gamemode?


I’d say lower the tick rate.

Faster internet connection could help. I play on PERP, where there is up to 80+ players on and that server gets laggy as hell. The server occasionally has to reboot because of it. I’d have to agree with EvacX about the tick rate too.

tickrate is probably the issue here, try setting it to 33 (it defaults to 66)

Eek, this was bumped quite a bit. Not even sure if the OP will look at this, but are you using the latest revision?

If not, I would, because there’s been a lot of optimizations recently.
Second thing, experimenting with DarkRP for a while, you can go lower than 33 tick, and be fine. (Wouldn’t go lower than 20 or so.)
Third, wouldn’t use Durgz Mod, or however you spell that shit, has 5 - 6 Think hooks that run player.GetAll(), which will cripple a server, when it starts getting populated.
Fourth, wouldn’t really use a Think hook for anything, if there’s a much better solution for it.

Hope this helps whoever’s trying to increase the performance, if the OP has completely forgotten about this thread, seeing as how it’s about a week old.