Things you can no longer do in Gmod!

Based on this, post humorous things you have tried or think of trying before in Gmod.
e.g. 1.I cannot name my RP character Jesus Christ and RP a super mutant in Fallout RP
2. I can no longer ram giant dick cars into tunnels while yelling on the mic.
Go, gentlemen!

I don’t get this, explain more please.

  1. I can no longer use wire because a virus uninstalled it a long time ago.
  1. I can no longer hear cool sounds of cars crashing when i crash hl2 car props.

i can no longer build a Robot that follows me around using Barrel,wheels,Cityscanner

  1. I can no longer master wire… wait I never masterd wire… DAYUM

I can.

  1. Can’t play a game without crashing because I have too many addons.
  1. Can’t long on any given public server for an hour without meeting a minge
  1. I can’t play fetch with DOG :frowning:
  1. i cant crash servers with enormous chimneys
  1. I can’t find any good servers that don’t use CS:S props.
  1. Can’t pose ragdolls freely. (in gmod 9 it was easier because you can turn a bone 360 degrees and now u can move it barely 160 degrees)
  1. No matter how many Add ons you get, You still get Error Props and Pink and blacks… D:
  1. I can’t build any original contraptions anymore


  1. I can’t fucking find the tile cement texture in Hammer from gm_construct anymore. FUCKACa
  1. I can no longer hear the deagle and the ak47 sounds :frowning:
  1. I can no longer crash by putting buttons on vorginauts, which I guess is good.
  1. I can no longer makes minges exit gmod :frowning:
  1. I can’t find any good servers that have CS:S props.