Things you do in Gmod you feel like/hope nobody else does?

Hi, I am an adult and I…make up stories and battles and have rebels and combine elite fight each other on maps (maps with good buildings work best) which is exactly what I did when I was 10 and I had legos. Finding good maps for this is hard though :\

I pretend that I’m hitler and that Kleiners are jews.

I pretend I’m Garry and ent_remove everyone

Uh… That crashes the game, you know?
Edit: oh yeah I have to say mine too
I like to spawn a jeep and put a lot of thrusters on it and then make a wire speedometer and pretend I am super smart in wire

But I’m Garry so I have seventeen backup PCs all running Gmod and a video feed to the representatives of the leading countries of the UN so I can discuss my plans for global domination

I roleplay alone (You know, with ragdolls, strangely, they’re smarter than a average Rper and It has 0% drama, I can also change the story whenever I want so it’s pretty awesome.

I also find decent maps where I am imprisoned and come up with overly elaborate escape routes to avoid contact with the combine guards.

Such an ill use of my time…

I extensively pose and make stories with ragdolls, then not take screenshots / video captures of them doing things.

Definately rp by myself. Or spawn stuff till i crash the game

Make laggy towers of nude alyx models.

Masturbate to console errors. My code is naughty like that. :pervert:

But really, I stack cacti and make statues out of them. I think I have some sort of problem.

Oooh, I do that too. :3:

It’s great fun on Downtown, especially in the subway/sewer area.

Do you use your Cactus SENT? Tower of cacti with one button press becomes a deadly bouncing deathstick!

I use ragdolls to make old memories from my childhood. :C

I load up DarkRP and play zombie apocalypse by myself.

Also gives me ideas to write down for my own gamemode. =_=

what kind of memories.


[sp]uncle pete[/sp]

do you spawn npcs ? how do you keep them from not seeing you when spawned `? can you make them act like guarding etc.? i’m kinda new at this game :smile:

however, i spawn a bunch of combines with stunsticks and fight them with my mighty crowbar

I think if they’re not facing you, you can sneak past them. It’s what seemed to work for me, anyway.

i spawn a ton of rebels and a dragon snpc. Then i fight the dragon with the rebels and pretend im a dragon slayer… :slight_smile:

Also guilty of RPing alone (fucking mingebags). I like to make bunkers and secret hideouts (with lots of w_weapon models scattered about), and maps that already have a bunker in them are like gold to me (gm_bunker gave me a hard on). I’ve found that NPC’s are much easier to work with, as they look like they’re actually alive (not like ragdolls, lol), and they’re fun to shoot when you’re frustrated. Unfortunately, that usually comes too late, as when GMod crashes, you won’t be shooting at anything.