Things you should know.

And here end the evening lession


I’d love to die with those eyes staring at me.

Well sex first. Kill later. That is how I like my women.

Whatever makes those eyes the last thing I see.

Reminds me of that one Creepy Girl meme.

Creepy Chan?

That look. It gives me the shivers.

Whats wrong with her?

Apart from being a psychopathic, maniacal murderess? Nothing at all.

This is quite informative you made.

takes down notes Will this be on the midterm?

Yea, it’ll be worth only 5 points though.

I hope this class is worth as much as LUA, I forgot to work on my fretta contest and since I was asleep, texting, or fapping instead of listening to the teacher teach, I gotta retake the class. If I fail one more, I will have to retake this grade.

Hey whats this, creepy chan hmm sounds like it could be a lau-OH MY GOOD GOD!

Those eyes, those fucking eyes!

At least she has two, unlike a certain pink hedge hog I know. :snoop:

Oh bitch it’s on now.

Bring it.

Yes War:black101:

And it must be fought with Science! :science: