Things you want back in GMOD

What things do you want back into gmod (no this wont help bring them back, its just for fun)
Things such as Toybox
Go… :v:

A more active gamemode creating scene!

uh, the workshop is literally this.

I know… but I mean the way Toybox was… It’s kind of a shame that they removed it, but I guess we can just ride along with workshop…

The old precached search

Multicore rendering… And oh god no toybox. My dupes and E2’s got wiped several times by malicious addons from there

Definitely multi-core rendering.

You mean that multi-core isn’t an option anymore?! 0-0

Multi-core rendering.

ResourceX and multicore rendering.

a healthy community

It was never a part of GMod IIRC.


Pretty much everything Gmod 12 had. The better performance, better UI, better addons, better community, better everything.

Multi-Core rendering.

I wish admins would go back to watching players and doing cop-like investigations.


The Gmod 12 UI

I want Garry back.

I want the old community back, the ones who weren’t obsessed with TTT and DarkRP.