Things you would like to see in WAC aircraft mods

Firstoff,people want to see more helicopters on WAC aircraft mods like in: Dr.Matt´s community pack some helicopters or planes dont fit in gmod.

Like the ah 64 apache (in my opinion) attack helicopters are not that useful if you are on singleplayer ¿what using them for? here you can post your wishlist first im gonna post my wishlist that i would like to see in WAC aircraft (those are my opinions if you have another opinion post it down and a photo of a better plane or helo)

AgustaWestland Eh-101 Merlin

F-22 Raptor

Sikorsky CH-53 sea stallion (there is one that looks like it but its wrong it says ‘‘Mh-53 sea stallion’’ when is actually a pave low)

Mi-24 Hind

remember if you have a different opinion to mine post it down and why some helicopters that i posted here shouldn´t be in WAC community

I would like to see less WAC because i can never find all of the packs on workshop and i get spammed with missing sounds.

what do you mean you cant find them? look for ‘‘Dr.Matt workshop’’ in steam maybe you can find them all and the missing sounds is maybe because you dont have the WAC base that is required for any WAC aircraft mod to work (if that helps you with the missing sounds maybe you will like it)