Think this server can handle GMOD?

Ok so here are the spec’s

Dell PowerEdge 2850

CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon 3.4Ghz - 800Mhz FSB - 1MB Cache - 64-Bit

RAM: 8 GB** PC2-3200 DDR2 400Mhz ECC RAM

2 x 72GB 10k SCSI Hard Drives Installed

My Network :

Download speed : 34 - 50 Mb/ps
Upload speed : 7 - 10 Mb/ps

Think this can handle 4 servers, each with 2GB ram?

Looks like it should run smooth, don’t take my word on it though.

server yes, network no

Whats wrong with the network?

Depends on how good your broadband is in your area.
UK broadband is CRAP.
What ISP you using?

Although, if I where you I would still give it a try.
Will this be hosted off of the connection your using to do all of your every day tasks??
Or is this a separate connection?

Dedicated ones running on a diffrent network and computer then any other programs/games or servers is always the best:rock:

Well im with BT infinity, mightget bt buisness network, i see no problem with them i ran a server from my pc i play on and people from canada, and america only had a ping of about 70. The servers will run of the same network as i use, but they willl use a dedicated router.

Just saying, a self hosted server is always unstable. If something happends with your internet, then the
server is down.

yes but that can hapen to any server.

Id say yes,i run a server off 2.2ghz dual core 512mb ram 64bit OS, 740kb upstream 12 slots for smooth 18 for on the edge performance

One popular server and you’ll max your 10mbit. Two semi-popular servers and you would also max it.

3 servers (at 10AM, so there’s hardly anyone on ~25 players total)

Isnt it like

Those are for css servers tho but still srcds, i thing gmod needs more tho.

A properly configured lag-free GMod server will use a lot more.