Thinking about buying Rust? Think twice.

The game is in very early alpha development, this is clear on the purchase page, it is not yet optimized and people are having a hard time running it on amazing computers, my computer runs it fine, but it is at a $2500 cost. Hacking and glitching and bug fixing seems to be a last priority unless it is messing up the server by duping. Hacking is really easy and it sucks, Garry is just letting someone DDos the servers because he won’t pay for any protection to the severs with his huge success of the game and all the money he has gained from it. KOSing is an issue because they won’t add any incentive not to do so. Bambis are killed for no reason every second of the game. Just wait, hopefully the game will be better when it launches. I, personally, will just wait for the DayZ standalone as it will be way better than this I imagine.

I do agree with your thought on the DDOSing. It’s been happening so much that you play for 2-3 days then it gets attacked again. Garry should invest in some protection for the servers.

Incoming flame replies in 3… 2… 1…

But no, this isn’t a game to “buy”. I got myself a key to get in and test it out, and also guarantee myself a final product. I didn’t pay now for what it is and assume it’s a polished and complete game. I paid for the potential of it.

That said, there are some very serious concerns going around the community here, and the devs need to start addressing those concerns if they hope to have people buying into it later (by telling their friends about it).

I got a few guys into the game myself, but I would be hard pressed to tell them I have complete faith in the devs. I foresee a repeat of War Z history and I’m just hanging on to see what happens (hoping for the best).

I’d like to see the mod team ease up a bit too. I saw one guy banned today and the mod put the reason as “Shit post”. Spam, hate/racial messages… yeah I get all that. Rule violations… absolutely. But the way it was dealt with just raised a TON of flags and that’s just one of a dozen members banned in the last 24 hours. I saw two of them for posting about hackers and not posting to the hacker thread. As if creating a separate thread is a monstrous violation. A simple lock and redirect of the appropriate thread link would have done the same job and spared a guy a ban.

Anyway… I’m hoping things pan out.

I also agree with you in terms of DDoSing, everything else you said is bullshit though.

DayZ will be good, but not rust good. It’ll be a really good survival shooter, but not nearly as sandbox as rust.

Day Z standalone will be a simulation, and this game more of an arcade shooter. Two vastly different games with vastly different themes and game mechanics. I myself wouldn’t compare the two or say one is better than the other. Just like I never compared War Z to Day Z. So very different.

Make some friends and play as a team, or get your head around the fact that they will never add a true incentive not to kill on sight because the freedom to do what you choose is the whole point of this game.

You can’t compare the DayZ standalone to this, so stop trying to. Rust is a sandbox survival/building game where the main enemy is other (real) people, and it was built from pretty much the ground up. DayZ standalone will be a survival/simulation game based on a mod of another game where the main threat is zombies, and building will be limited. They are two entirely separate things, and you have to be pretty stupid or blind to attempt to compare them. Its like when people compare Minecraft and Terraria because you can dig and craft in both of them.

because you can throw money at someone and that will make your server ddos-proof right?

People discuss similar things to compare and contrast the two, and it is a useful tool for intelligent analysis. It is neither blind nor stupid to do so.

Please provide us more prescient insight into what will or won’t ever be added to the game.

DDos protection isn’t just some $50 intervention.
It’s perfectly understandable Garry isn’t ready to spend that kind of money on a game that is still being developed.

What does frustrate me sometimes is the seeming lack of attention for the problems that are being caused by hackers, glitchers and griefers.
But then again, I’m not on the development team so I have no idea how much effort is put into countering this.

There is a distinct difference between genuine discussion and " I, personally, will just wait for the DayZ standalone as it will be way better than this I imagine."

As I’m aware, the DayZ standalone is using the Take on Helicopters Engine, which in turn is based on the Arma 2 engine. Although I appreciate some simple building mechanics (commands posts, etc) were in the original game, no mod I have ever played has been able to effectively implement a building and crafting system as well as Rust currently has.

Here’s to hoping things pan out gold. As for now Ive cooled on Rust. The forums are a bit of a cesspool, moderated by folks that appear to be too young to take the task seriously. The alpha is apparently in a state of cheatdom that makes it hard for legitimate interests to effectively play test. I won a free key and activated it but haven’t even bothered to login. A buddy of mine gained interest back around the same time I did and he literally just texted me 10 minutes before this thread popped asking how interested I was in starting in on Rust and should he buy a key? I responded with “None for the moment. Wait on some of the cheat coding to get addressed before buying in.”

Still hoping for good news on the game though.

well, all i see here is a hate thread.
im running this game on a 400€ machine which is about 3 years old. so i guess it would be cheaper now.
i got 3 friends running with me, one with a killer machine, 2 with even worse computers. so its more like an exception if it doesnt run well on ur computer.

as you said it - its alpha so yeah, hacking glitching and bugfixing is probably 2nd priority. first to determine the core mechanics they still want to in there. remember minecraft being built from scratch?
though they had a bit more of a plan, how they will add things, we all know how garrys mod worked out.
still, hacking is a concern, but what do you get from banning a few hackers instantly? better get to know what they might use.
bugs will come with every new version. as of alpha, its still an early alpha, so they will probably start bugfixing at a later point.

“HUGE success and money gained from it”
did u check out what he raised from game sales yet? like 370k USD? thats probably enough to keep the servers up and running 24/7 for a few months. i bet he invests own money to keep this project running.

KOS: i was a bambi few days ago also, on different servers. i got shot a few times and learned from it. now i play the game the way i want.

dont get me wrong, im not trying to turn you, but i cant stand that u are searching attention that much to open up two threads mainly concerning the same things. if you dont like it, move on and try it again at a later point ( tbh i think it would be best if you dont try it until release, because u certainly dont know what alpha and beta is). im, for my part, having a blast with rust and im thrilled to test this game till it is released.

No it’s not.

I have found there are two instant responses to anything anyone posts that is even slightly critical, even if done in a constructive way:

  1. “It’s an alpha.” Yes, we know. Thanks. However, the time for influencing change that you think might be beneficial to a game in the long run is in Alpha. Once it moves on to beta or pre-release or whatever, the window won’t be shut completely, but it will have closed somewhat.

  2. Some variation of ‘stop complaining’ with the occasional “you are stupid” to drive home this incredibly helpful point. Yes, some of the comments are just complaining. But if someone takes the time to post, there is probably some real pain behind their comments. People for the most part are providing feedback because they care about the game and want to make it better.

The worst thing to do is to browbeat people into not even wanting to bother posting things they think will make the game better. Not every idea is feasible, helpful, etc., but at the very least they tend to generate helpful conversation.

I dont See how Opening a Thread saying u shouldnt Support the devs and Finishing a Post with the Kind words “gonna wait for dayz standalone because it will be better than this” can be considered constructive, caring or even critizising. Except for the Hacker Part, its a thread only to bash, if u ask me but well, guess u got another opinion on that. So have Fun :slight_smile:

You should probably read ALL of what people post, it tends to paint a fuller picture.

From the OP: “Just wait, hopefully the game will be better when it launches.”

That is his premise – think twice about paying for it right now because it’s a little rough right now. Fair advice if you ask me.

Thats the joke guys. it shoud have been so expensive that you had to think twice before buying it.
Also have you really paid 2500 $ for a game wich is in alpha phase ?

if you’re plunking money down to play the game, don’t… wait for the game to develop further.

If you’re doing it to support the game and its development, have at it… just be prepared to be told over and over ‘its an alpha’ and have zero say whatsoever for your investment.

It’s a catch-22 here.

I can’t believe how idiotic this thread and people starting hate threads are.

  1. Can’t run rust smoothly?
    Ans) Alpha games are not optimized and being edited constantly. Once its released, it will be optimized and your computer should be able to play it.

  2. Too many hackers?
    Ans) Again its in Aplha and enabling advanced security complicates everything. All these servers that are online are probably temporary servers. Why would they spent money on temp servers. Keeping hackers away is not an easy thing, and requires alot of work, resources and money. As devs said before, hacking is not a freaking priority right now. Once the game is released, they can invest money to secure those servers instead of doing it on a temp server.

They will probably shift to steam servers so there is no point for investing any money in these temp/test servers. Security complicates everything and slows down game development process. I would rather have it done faster than worry about hacker in an Alpha game. Alpha games are for people who want to test game and report bugs. If you are only concerned about enjoyment, play farmville in the meantime and wait for official release.

  1. Rust sucks …
    Don’t play it.

People starting clueless threads have no idea how game development works and they start criticizing developers and staff. I am in this field and know who hardcore this stuff is. So stop crying and deal with it.

You just picked one line out of a paragraph that slated the game.

You can clearly see this post isn’t about giving people ‘Fair advice’, Var is angry and struggles to find constructive ways to show it. I can understand the frustration he feels but i believe the agenda of this thread was so he could be noticed by the devs and discourage people from buying the game to get back at the devs for his lack of patience.

Updates will come, and people will continue to play and support the game even if select people don’t agree with the state it is currently in.

Very rude and inconsiderate tone you’re giving the OP here. It’s almost not worth replying to.

This is a crowd funded game, selling pre-alpha keys and taking money. The second you take that money you are (as the developer) obligated to listen to feedback from those who have invested. If they’re not obligated to do this, then this is just a scam.

I don’t see it as a scam, so everyone in my opinion, as the right to give their opinions.