Thinking about character rendering

I’m wondering if the way 2D characters are rendered could have been introduced. Like genshin impact.
Because I found a lot of animate characters in Workshop when I was playing games based on the source engine, Such as L4D2, Gmod and CSGO. But those character models seem weird when they’re import into these games. Character models such as Miku, Vtubers, and the role of Touhou project and so on.
Does source 2 give more options on character rendering? Perhaps S&Box can come up with a solution regarding the rendering of character models. It must be worth it.

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I cut this picture in someone else’s game video, this can explain some existing problems.
For example, the lighting of the character is not natural, and the clothes have no physical effect. It would be helpful if S & Box could fix these or give options for community to adjust it.

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It both gives less options, and more options, for starter, there’s no lightwarp, option in any shader, which means you won’t be able to achieve cel shading.

But at the same time, it gives you the tools to do it yourself, but I don’t think any run of the mill “I just built this model from Miku Miku Dance and exported it” would be able to, so that’s where their road would end.

Really it should be there by default, it’s one thing Source 1 had that Source 2 doesn’t, mostly because they needed it for TF2.


Thank you for your kind reply, It is more difficult for starter to import a custom Shader model into the source2 engine. But is it more difficult for developers to use different material and shader in one game?

I used to imagine that it would be cool to get screen effects like Genshin Impact in S&Box. This means that players may be able to use Genshin’s art resources here to create map models, import characters, and make community games that the original game could not achieve with the excellent physics of S&Box.

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The devs are working on a new shader API or something, so it won’t be that hard to both create and implement shaders, but unfortunately you probably won’t be able to make games based on a franchise by using the assets of said franchise (maps, characters, models etc.) because, unlike Gmod, they intend to keep the game free of copyright troubles.

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