Thinking about starting a server with a good community, with active admins

Alright so i have been playing many servers, and played over 200 hours of rust and all the servers i seem to play are either full of hackers or there are no active admins. i just want to enjoy the game honestly and i want to start a server my self. I am willing to spend $100 a month on server hosting. however i can spend asmuch money as i like but the server will be shit with out proper admins that will be active and wont abuse their power.

Please send me a admin application i am thinking over putting the server up this weekend. in 4 days so i need to pick around 8 admins by then. I will not tolerate admin abuse, and to ban someone you need evidence either video evidence or you need to see it yourself. No admin can ban off what people say because most of the time 12 year old cry because they get killed and they call “hacker”. Im sick of all that shit and thats why i am starting this server, if you like what i say add me on steam.

Steam ID: Inferno
Send applications to:
i will also not be allowing any admins under the age of 16

just join our server. 5 active admins… send me a pm.

no… i dont want people advertising on here i want to start my own

There are to much people named “inferno”

Please add [RiF]Stick so i can communicate with you.

Thanks in advance.

This will fail terribly

We’ve been trying a similar thing for a Reddit based community.

Give us a look

If you’re active and have ideas you’re more than welcome to apply to be an Admin there.

If you decide to go it alone, good luck.