Thinking of buying GMod, questions;

I’m thinking of purchasing GMod, but I have got two questions;

  • The website of GMod says it’s no longer required to buy another source engine game, but on the Steamshop I have to choose between the 25 euros package including a Source-game and the 10 euros packge without this, do I miss any feature in GMod if I don’t buy a source engine game?

  • When making a server, is there a limit on howmany guns and vehicles can be added; and can they be customized in performance?

  1. You miss alot of features if you dont get some other Source Games,

  2. No, so long you got the CPU Power and memory to back it up.

What features will I miss then?

Does it mean there are servers I won’t be able to join?

You won’t be able to spawn any models and items from other Source games if you don’t own any other Source games on Steam, for some people that can be a huge deal if they want to get into the game, the different Source games have ALOT of usable content in Garry’s Mod.

You will be able to join servers with people who have the other Source games, but you will see any items they use from other Source games as big red ERROR signs that can be really annoying.

But are there also models availeble of weapons and vehicles that are not part of a Source game, or copied items that will work?

And if so, can you already give me a website where I can find such items for download?

You can get models and other addons such as weapons, entities, tools and many more from Steam Workshop (after you have bought Gmod). But I still recommend you have at least CS:S, HL2 and Team Fortress 2 (you get it for free).

I downloaded css content pack because.
1.I dont play css i play Cs:Go
2.Didn’t cost anything.
3.Works fine.

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