Thinking of creating a unique RP server

Hey guys, this is my first post, so bear with me…

So I’ve been thinking about creating a RP server based off the Mad Max series, with certain unique features that most RP servers don’t have, such as:

  • Custom Map
  • In-depth jobs
  • Base creation
  • Car creation
  • Oil production
    … and much more

Was wondering if anyone would either be interested in helping me with this project, or just leave some tips/advice in the comments below.

If you have any questions just ask!

You’re gonna want to use the full hammer grid for the map. Think flatgrass size and make use of elevations like mountains or steep hills since it’s still going to be small. You’ll also maybe want an HUD that tells how when you’re getting close to the edge of the map.

Alright, I hadn’t really though about the HUD design, so thanks for that idea! As for the map, I’ll definitely use the full hammer grid.

Hopefully this can actually be a “custom” server. lol

good luck!

Hopefully nowadays i just look for vanilla servers but no luck yet

Eh, don’t bother, I tried but just got burried by the countless scriptfodderrp servers

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Doesn’t just apply to RP servers, I’ve made a couple of gamemodes that never got any attention.

It’s sort of a cycle of no one wants to try new things/no one wants to join a server with no players

I’ve had that happen before, not having any players to play on your server I mean. I created an amateur server a couple years ago with a western feel to it. Put a shit ton of content in it, but only a couple of people came to “test” the server. I had to shut it down shortly afterwards :frowning:

Anyone know of some website or forum that helps people find others to help them with servers, content, etc… ?

I’d gladly join your server as I’m looking for some kind of special RP server. To be honest I was going to host my own in near future, but I was thinking on a more loose approach to RP that I had during the days of gmod 9. Back in the day my friends and I didn’t even need a gamemode or any real custom content besides sweps, everything was done with original content, our currency - melons. The whole RP functioned pretty much as a mindset rather than a set of lua scripts enforcing certain things on you.
We used to have gunfights on rp_cscdesert with sweps but those were aimed more on shooting itself than killing people. Again this sort of loose roleplay would be possible only for a small community where you know everybody and trust them enough not to break your rules.
You can pretty much ignore this nostalgic-rant of old gmod9 player.

tl;dr I’ll gladly help you however I can if you’re looking to create a fun RP server that’s not another DarkRP shit-den with 5 year old cop admins.

Hey thank you for the feedback! I never played gmod 9, but I’m sure it was very fun. Nostalgic things are always the best :slight_smile: I’d definitely like you the help with the server, once and if I can get things moving.

List it as DarkRP to get players, sad but it has to be done. Also you will need a developer that will either be co-owner or you pay him a lot of $$.

There’s no way to make a profit from a DarkRP server unless you want to exploit kids with $50 ‘donation’ packages, so unless you have a stable job that can pay for it, and a desire to actually make a good server it’s probably not worth it.

Id be interested helping you make a custom rp map.

Hey Kasperky, that’s awesome! I made a sketch if you’d like to see it.

Yeah sure dude, im not the best mapper but i would be willing to try help

Alright, I’ll PM you the sketch soon.

Here is a sketch of the map I envisioned (I absolutely suck with photo editing) Please feel free to add things, etc… if you indeed want to make a map.


Oh man, I’d hate to come off as a dick but surely you can put more effort into a sketch of a map if thats what you want to call what you have there. If you want people to take you seriously you’ll have to do better than that. I know you can do better than that if you just put the time and effort into it just as you would want a mapper to put all his effort and time into the map he’ll be making for you

I was in a rush, sorry. If you want me to do a better sketch, let me know.