Thinking of making this CHAOS KNIGHT

well this will be my try/fail model but i’m gonna get some help from a mate (you can help too cause you think this would be DOPE)


might just do sword for my first try


God luck…

its gonna be hard

With that much detail, it’ll take a while! I recommend not modeling in the stuff like the chainmail,engravings, and other small stuff to save on tris, and just normal map those in.

I don’t recommend doing something this complex as your first model. But from your lack of grammar and poor spelling I can see you’ll do it anyway.

to true

Let the kid dream, who knows. Maby he’ll pull it off!

thank you.

So do you know how to ragdoll a model then xghost11? When you are finsished? Haha

Why’s your name on that pic? :S

old tag… from css

I really would not recommend this for a first model.

God speed,I wonder how many tris that would be.Good luck,you’re going to need it.

Hop you can normal map real good too, you gonna need it.

I’d wanna see Davor or PLing try this.

we could challenge them to make it. The perfect plan

That would be quiet the challenge, but the more and more I look at this picture, no number of normal maps can save this from the evil high tri count.

Reminds me of Sauron, and anything that reminds me of him is awesome, so go ahead and try if you want.

Woah, that’ll be a tough. May the Nine/Gods/Christ/Force be with you.

That’s fucking concept art, or something. if it was ingame, the detail would be tuned down 80%.
so, yeah.
good luck.