Thinking of starting a GMod Network

So my server currently can handle a total of ~32 people on it, while hosting a teamspeak server in the background. So I wanted to make the following:
32 Slot DarkRP server
32 Slot Teamspeak server

But I don’t think it’s going to work out. I am actually in the process of upgrading the server, so my question is, can anyone pick out a few good server ideas (mainly gamemodes, but tips are also welcome) while still being able to host them all? I wanted maybe 2 servers and a teamspeak server. But the DarkRP one seems to be quite wanted.

How many threads do you need to make god damn

I try to be as active in the community as possible. I just made this new account and want to ask a few questions. There aren’t any rules against it, are there? Is it a bad thing?

It’s just that you’ve made five threads in the span of 24 hours and they’re clogging up the general discussion big time. We get this so often, I’m almost tempted to just make a General Questions Thread just so people can post their questions there and stop flooding general.

I am so sorry. But I understand. I am trying to contribute simply because I feel bad when I don’t. I think that idea is a good one too!