Thinking of Starting a New Server

As the title says, I’m thinking of starting a new server. I have a concept for how I want the server to be set up and run, but I also don’t want to duplicate what someone else has already done. And with thousands of servers out there right now, I have a feeling that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. Hence this post. I’d like to gauge interest, take suggestions, and see if anyone knows of other servers like this.

For the server concept, I’ve come up with a bit of background that will drive the decisions. It’s sort of like “No Escape” + “Hunger Games”. Since “No Escape” is an older movie, I’ll give a VERY short synopsis: It’s about a criminal sentenced to prison, but the prison is really an island that only houses convicts. There’s no real technology or amenities on the island, except what the prisoners make, and the prisoners have divided into factions (only 2 in the movie).

My concept is basically that, with a little bit of “Hunger Games” thrown in the mix; that is, the events on the island are televised (“The ULTIMATE Reality TV Experience!”), wealthy patrons of the show can pay to have supplies delivered to the island, etc. The zombies kind of work too (other prisoners), but it sounds like they’re going away Soon™. I can work the attack helicopter in to the story too, depending on how it works.

From the implementation perspective, it would rely on a few different mods. It would have custom loot tables, custom crafting / research / BPO settings, revised starter kit, door sharing, lowered decay rate (if possible), etc. I’m thinking players would be able to craft cloth and leather armor, basic weapons, basic ammo (arrows, handmade shells, and wood / metal structures. Player-craftable items could be gained via boxes and zombies (for as long as they are around). Military weapons, kevlar and radsuit armor, military ammo, explosives, and C4 would be airdrop-only and unresearchable / uncraftable.

The idea is that basic items can be made / scavenged from the natural resources and rad towns in the area but the higher end gear requires better manufacturing facilities than some prisoners on an island can assemble.

Ideally, I’d like to also be able to tweak the build costs for items. For example, I’ll need to balance metal structures with lower C4 drop rates, so I’d like to make metal bases much more expensive to build. It should take a serious investment of effort to build a metal base, not be something you can do after a weekend of casual play. It will hopefully also lead to those with C4 to actually doing a little recon work, dare I hope possibly even strategizing a little.

So, now to my questions, there are two of them:

Is there any interest in this type of server?
And, am I correct that this has been done before?

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