Thinking of starting lua, should I know anything?


I’m posting this thread just wondering if I should know anything about LUA coding before I start, like learning curve, ease of use, etc.

You see, I am a beginning addon coder for BF2 Sandbox mod, which runs on Python. I have always been interested in the concept of creating things for other people that improve server quality, convenience or simply are fun. I recently released an addon for Sandbox that acts as a simple admin script, which the sbx addon scene was missing. It can be found here, if you’re wondering what python looks like:

Anyways, so I’m getting used to Python coding and the concept of programming it’s self. I am wondering how making the jump from python to lua might be, and if there is anything majorly different I should know. Does lua open more doors in the programming business than python? Is there much more stuff? Well, never mind I already know there’s much more stuff.

Bah, I’m looking back on this topic and noticing how pointless it might look to you so far. I’ll put it simply; should I make the jump to lua?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you’re wondering, Sandbox is the Gmod of bf2. That’s the short answer. If I gave you the long answer I would end up saying the two are so far apart and unique in their own way that you can’t compare them. It would be like comparing Killing Floor to Left 4 Dead… Ehm, well you’d understand that analogy if you own both games.

You go off track too much.

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Well yea, just the answer the question you should jump to lua, though its limited to Garry’s mod, WoW and maybe some other games, it is really easy to learn and you can make some really neat stuff.

That should get you Underway :smiley:

Thanks to both of you :slight_smile:

From what I’ve been told, the Lua implimentation in WoW is as shit as the game itself.


Lua is very different to most languages, but easy to learn. The main things that confuse people are:

  1. Variables are global by default, you need to declare them as local if you want them local.
  2. The semicolon is optional
  3. Functions can return more than one value