Thinking of starting up a new server...

A couple of mates and I are probably going to start up a Garry’s Mod server. I was wondering if there are any specific plugins I should have for any gamemode on Garry’s Mod. I already am definitely getting ULX.

I would also like to ask that you vote on the poll of what the server group should be called. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Good luck with it!
I voted for GMod Box, because that sounds original :slight_smile:

It’d probably be helpful if you provided a gamemode name.

And all of those names are retarded.

I meant universal plugins because I don’t know what gamemode I am going to do yet.
And if those names are all retarded lets see you make some suggestions on ones. I don’t mind criticism as long as it is not hypocritical.

I think by retarded he means generic, because anything with ‘Brotherhood’, ‘GMod’, or ‘Gamers’ certainly fits that criteria.

Yeah but those but you gotta expect that. After all nothing is original and everything is a remix. Got any ideas on names?

CSS Realistic Weapons.

If you are going to be using ULX, you should check out the ULX forum for plugins, and things that utilize ULib. There are some nice things there for server management, and other fun little addons.

If running sandbox, be sure to add some of the standard stools, or serious builders wont be very interested.

I also really like !join, which helps people join your community in-game.

Nice, i would love to help out if needed :slight_smile:

“If my films are all retarded lets see you make some. I don’t mind criticism as long as it is not hypocritical.” - James Cameron

You don’t have to be able to do something to give criticism. Your names are just really bad and generic, giving off a horrible attempt at being edgy or creative.

Wow so artistic.
[sub]this is incredibly incorrect and dumb[/sub]

“It’s like saying you have to be a chef to say food is bad”
Excellent analogy I use all the time when people say ‘I bet you can’t do better’

I think it should be called GmodEdge. Just a thought, not really sure why I thought of it, I just…did.

First off all good luck, hope your server goes well. :dance:
Second. What sort of gamemode(s) will you be running?

Well a few things you should do when you begin a server is have creatability. Like for instants, have a name that has a capital letter in the first part of it, and not to mention no numbers. Makes more advanced builders think you have a little more intelligence than a child and will probably turn them away from the server. First impressions are key. First find out what kind of gamemode you want to have then go from there. A lot of people are saying to stay away from RP, please do unless you know what your doing. If I was you I would start a sandbox so you can get regular people joining and eventually start thinking and or listening to your fellow admins on what needs to be done or not. The problem I have when I go into servers is owners miss a lot of good tools for sandbox and the owner is never around to add them, and eventually lose interest in the server so its key to be in there as much as possible. As for names I was never good at those either, but one you might want to try is New Build Central or something of the sort. Good Luck.

Honesty, I hate all of your names. I think the server should be named “BONER TIME-5000!”
Anyways, good luck with your server.

Not sure Chilled Gamers is the best of the worst, it’s sending across the wrong message :#

Should be called something insanely random imo.

Mellow Oxen Gaming

Broken Spectacles Gaming.