Thinking of starting your first server? Look here!

What’s that? You want to revolutionize the modern world with a Gmod server? But you don’t know Where to start or even what to do once you have one? Well, allow me to help. First, let’s discuss why you want to build your own domain;

You have a great idea for a gamemode and you want a server to “advertise” it, so to speak - Why, that’s an excellent reason for starting a server! However, if you low on dough, you may consider finding a “test” server. Try joining a Gmod community with a server and try to get your mode put on their server, to see if people like it (I’m sure they will).

You are unhappy with most “big” servers - First, I’m sorry you feel that way. Second, I completely agree with you. If you can’t find a server that fits your style of play, I strongly encourage you to make one yourself. I can assure you there are dozens of players who feel the same way. Otherwise, you could find a server that’s at least close and, if you can contact the owner, offer suggestions.

You want a server to make machinama movies - Another great motive. I’ll simply suggest you password protect your server and get your tools and team together before investing in a server.

You want a server so you and a group of friends can have a place to mess around and have fun - Again, good reason. I suggest password protection, and you might find a service that offers easy addon additions.

You want a server to indulge a sick power fantasy and to assert authority over others - What?!? That’s a terrible reason! Nobody likes an authoritarian admin, and your server won’t be popular if people think you’re being to unreasonably strict.

You want a server because you want to make money off of donations or selling admin - Not a good idea either. Donations are few and far between, especially on new server. And as I said earlier, nobody likes a bossy admin, and you’ll get plenty of those if you sell admin powers to random strangers. I’ll talk about both donations and selecting admins later.

Well, now that you’ve got your motives in order, your ready to boot up your server! I recomend reading the rest of this guide first, but feel free to jump right in. But first you have to select a service. to name a few; (recommended for simplicity and professional…ism…)

Or you can try to mess with a dedicated server;

Now, you can’t monitor your server 24/7(I guess…) so your going to want some admins. Selecting admins can be tricky, however, as your bound to encounter some unsavory types. I recommend NOT selling admin, as anyone willing to pay for admin generally do so to hold power over players. Instead, it’s a good idea to carefully review any applications before giving admin and then monitoring them until you know you can trust them. You might give “trial” powers to new admins before promoting them to full admins when you feel they deserve it and you know you can trust them. Another good way is to give admin to people you know personally. If you’re part of an online community, you might try recruiting from there. I would advise hosting a website to go along with your server, if only to make sure you have an ear to any complaints of abuse, there are many packages that offer it as a bonus with your server. more on websites…right now!

For the most part, I don’t want to tell you exactly how to run your server, but I strongly encourage getting a website to go along with your server. A simple Forum setup allows you to hear suggestions and complaints from players, receive donations, start a clan(or whatever they call them now), keep stats, and get to know recurring players. websites allow a community to form around your server, which in turn encourages people to become the loyal, model players you want in your server as much as possible. Note: don’t give forum moderator status to admins you don’t completely trust. You don’t want admin complaints getting deleted.

I almost forgot! You may want to decide what gamemode you want your server to be before starting it. sandbox may seem like the best choice for a beginning server, but minges are always finding loopholes to break the rules and bug your players. For a first server, I recommend something with straightforward rules, like flood, or mini games. I must advise against RP servers for first-timers, if only for the insane amount of complications and and competition. sandbox will definitely work if you have enough trustworthy admins.

I have to tell you, donations will be very scarce at first. As much as I hate to say it, I strongly advise not starting a server if you can’t afford it without donations. However, once you have a reasonable amount of recurring players, you might pay for server expansions with donations. It has the double effect of bettering your server and increasing motivation to donate.

Well, I think that about sums it up. If I forgot anything, or didn’t go into enough detail about something, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post a comment.


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Thinking of starting your first server? Don’t fucking do it, there already more servers than the players!

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