Thinking With Portals Bottled Water!

Hey, here’s a new video I made!

I must admit, the voice acting is horrible… I know.
Oh well, it was made for humor… Voice acting wasn’t really a main feature.

Also, if you subscribed… That would be pretty cool. :v:


Holy shit that guy has a shiny suit.

True that, I re-skinned those Shitty casual citizens.

I made a version without phong… Just haven’t hexed it yet. :ohdear:


Can I get some more responses? :v:

In Stores Now, bitch.

That made me Laugh for some reason.

Cheers, mate. :v:
It was actually a friend of mine’s idea first, however.
So… Credit on that line goes to him. :3:


Some more crits, please? :saddowns:

It was funny, also
I can’t find it anywhere.
BITCH. :v:

It’s on the Pure Pwnage soundtrack. :v:


88 views and 6 comments?

Think I could get some comments on YouTube, too?


Any more C&C?
Anything I can improve on?

I’d drink it

needs less choppy framerate by the way

Alright, cheers.

Any tips on how to make it smoother?

Anybody got anything else I can improve on?

Lol’d. You censored “Pissing” but didn’t censor “BITCH”.

Criticism: Get machinima hands SWEP, your one character giving the speech was clearly holding a physgun or something of the sort. It was fairly good, but not EXTREMELY informative. I watched it all the way through, so the brevity helped it if anything. Maybe try and work on ragdoll posing. 3/5 for the effort.

I also lol’d at the thumbs up guy that says UberGamer Approves (which by the way, work on spelling, you spelled ‘approves’ wrong).

Cheers, mate.

And as for the posing, I can do much better… But I thought I’d follow the ‘comedic’ type posing that you usually see in these kind of GMod movies.
And I didn’t actually notice the spelling mistake… Fuck. :v:

Yeah, the comedic posing can be good for the effect, especially for the thumbs up scene, but the CP was kind of bad. The Button pressing was good, however. Anyways you still did well nonetheless.

Edit: I subbed you. Can’t wait to see your progress into the Machinima business!

Woah thanks, Mate!

I’m working on my camera and lighting techniques at the moment, but practice makes perfect. :v:


CATMULL-ROM CAMERAS. Please get them before you are raped.

Already got 'em a long time ago. :v:

Next time you stand front of the camera to talk, at least bob your head up and down to make it look like you’re talking instead of just standing there staring next time. Apart from that the video seems mildly amusing.