Third 12+ Hours rollback in two days

Am I the only one to play for nothing for now three days?
Excuse me garry, but could you save the DB more than once a day if the server has to rollback everyday?

I mean, I know it’s a game and I know that we’re in alpha but we’re all frustrated to play hours for nothing. Plus it costs nothing to perform a few more DB saves.

Btw I’m talking about the French server. I don’t know if the others were affected too.

What do you think?


Yeah same on Eu . ME and my friend spent three hours just trying to get a very basic shelter…Came back this morning. Gone

3 hours to get mats for a shelter? :suicide:

EU Central no sleepers seems to be plagued by rollbacks. Seems like Admin Abuse, unless this is an official server?

Two days hard graft wiped out. WTF is that all about.


(User was banned for this post ("dumb meme reply" - postal))

Why are you pointing fingers at poor ole Garry?
when the problem is a lack of information on server saves by the server host…
have the server owner/host make a save.all command in rcon everyday before disconnecting from the server …


Yeah it would be a nice idea to do saves every more often. Especially with all the constant ddosing. Plus I’m positive all Rust servers are plenty unstable.