Third and final attempt at getting some help setting up a server

As the title said, this is my third cry for help on setting up a server. NOT DEDICATED, JUST A NORMAL TEMPORARY SERVER ME AND MY FRIEND CAN PLAY ON.


I’ve forwarded my ports.
I’ve given him external IP
I’ve set sv_lan to 0
I’ve tried the “heartbeat” console thing
Apparently I don’t need srcds or whatever
I’ve allowed incoming and outgoing connections in my firewall for gmod

When he tries to connect, it just says “Server not responding”

Why is this when I’ve done everything I’m supposed to up there ^?

I don’t see any other server help threads made by you…

They were made in the Help & Support section…

I’m so sick of trying every suggestion on here and it not working. I’ve hosted for hundreds of other games, yet I can’t do it with gmod. I really am pleading for help here.

Did he try looking at your external ip with his favorites list?

If you go to add server with it he can put in your external ip and see if there are any servers hosted on it.

Otherwise giving him your external ip without a :27015 on the end for a port is pretty useless because you can’t connect in console with just the ip.