Third party addons that you think should be included in Garrysmod


Achievements (but with less “DO DIS STUFF 9999999 TIEMZ LOL”)
Adv Duplicator
Some kind of Prop Protection

Nobody say wire :tinfoil:

Where’s phx?

None, the whole point of GMod was to give you choice.

You saved me some typin.

You missed wire too hurrdurr.

There should be a “Fail” rating…

There should be a “user does not understand sarcasm” rating too.

I dont like PHX, Or Wire at all since I dont build at all, And I dont need it then right?

Also I saw some speed changes since I removed PHX and Wire…
So just let people who want it download it from the SVN or from :slight_smile:

Well. Most people get it to not see errors.

Achievements, but steam, not LUA
Weight Tool
Buoyancy Tool
Smart Snap

That is it. It needs no more!


why are you so goddam lazy. its called download. try doing it some time.

I think every post in this thread except for


need to be rated dumb more.

Actually, I do think that Duplicator should be replaced with Adv. Dupe cause I think Duplicator was made to be able to save multiple duplications (ever notice the black box when you select it) except it just doesn’t work. So have the code for adv. dupe there instead of the regular, don’t even call it advanced.

anyone not able to download from