Third Person Shooter

First try at anything like this

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Idea unknowingly stolen from biscuit boy. Sorry bout that.

the ammo overlaps with the name of the gun,
Posing is nice

Did that on purpose. Does the same thing up at the top with the team scores.

So many fake games these days, another one of these bandwagons getting kinda boring. Anyway it’s pretty well done.

This is great, I was almost going to ask what game it was, then remembered I was in the G-Mod screenshots.

crosshair is too opaque

actually everything is too opaque

Just remember I started this 3rd person shit back in like 2008 haha. Also, you need to make the text for the chat a lot smaller, look at most games and you’ll see it’s usually pretty small. The camera angle is nice, "Walter Sobchak (is that an Ed Edd and Eddy reference?) is posed a little awkwardly. And like everyone else said, it’s generally a good idea to have all of the HUD elements have a little bit of transparency.

Posing and camera is good, HUD could be improved.

Posing’s alright, can’t say the same for the editing. That goes for in-game editing, too.