Third person view on a ragdoll

Hello guys :slight_smile: i would like to know if there is a way to select a ragdoll and see it in third person view like when you die with your character…
I know about cameras etc… But i don’t really like them because you can see only the focused area of the ragdoll and the camera change the physics of it…
There is a tool that can give a real third person view on ragdolls? I really need it :frowning:
Very thanks in advance!

There is no way, right? :frowning:

Wait what? You want to control a ragdoll?

There’s Ragmorph, or I think you can just open the context menu and click drive…?

wait what? i can drive a ragdoll without any tool but just with a comand?
my godness… anyway thanks xD i’ll check this! :smiley:

Uhmm i tried the ragmorph, but 4/5 ragdolls doesn’t work xD
but i don’t want to use a ragdoll as player model, move it with rigging or other, i just wanna set a camera over it… but not a camera like the tool in gmod, but a standard camera like the one on the player when die.
is there a tool that can do this? ragmorph accepts only ragdolls with the same bone structure of the player model… is too restrictive xD

Can you give me an example? I don’t fully understand what you’re asking.

i mean put this camera over all ragdolls and not only with hl2 boned ragdolls (or similiar) with ragmorph:

but don’t worry :slight_smile: i’ve already solved with this, i edited the ragmorph’s lua file of the Ragdoll Mode deleting all the valid ragdolls check strings on it.
now i can use all kinds of ragdolls for the ragdoll mode of the stool:

ah, if someone needs this i’ve uploaded my edited lua file:

anyway, thanks for the replies! :slight_smile: