third try

Alright i started whit this map yester day so i will upload some pics now and see what u guys think

:siren: Warning Large Images :siren:

Well, the architecture is quite blocky… And that’s one weird clip brush you got on the stairs.

yea its so your head wont get shaked like a milkshake

Well, I mean the shape on it, make it so it fits the steps instead, looks neater in hammer and works better in-game.

i’ll might do that.
so what do u think so far?

Stairs are quite too close to the wall

W.I.P’s should preferably be compiled.

Yea i will move them before the next update on this


Also is it supposed to be RP map ? I recommend (I am not sure how to spell it) some custom textures

My first thought was to make a try to make a rp map.
i dont now how to add custom textures so if you now a good tutorial, i would apriciate if you could give me the link and i would give you some cookies for it.

Quite ok

try adding some more architecture to the buildings, they seem kind of bland

Internet Explorer?

intenet explorer 8


Ontopic: I think the stair is too wide for that small building…


When you show dev images compile them. Hammer images do not (usually) looks good.
Also you should have different textures on the floor and ceiling than on your walls(even in dev. It makes it easier for us to look at).

Otherwise just work on the architecture those buildings(they are for the community project right?).

erm no i dont think so i havent noticed that thread i will look at it soon

no it’s only one building i am makeing a small town i hope

Please compile the map before you post it…
Why would you make a NEW thread? This isn’t anything special just post it in the pimpage thread wow

okay, my bad then

no its my bad not looking on the entire first page i will upload some images tomorow