Thirdperson Button!!!!

Hi again…

In my server(AGAIN) I need help! I have a thirdperson command for my server but I wanna know how to convert it into a button for everyone to use!?

You might need these details:
Commands: !3p and !thirdperson.
Console: ulx thirdperson.
Rank Usage: All Players.
Thirdperson Button I want:F2


How will this help me?

That function is called when F2 is pressed. Run whatever you need to in there.

OOOOOOOHHHHHHH ok. So do I put the console command in the slot?

Yes, use ply:ConCommand().

What Folder?

Either lua/autorun/server in a hook format, or implement it into your gamemode to prevent conflicts with other things being binded to that key.

ok this will probs be the 2nd last question but… So I want to put it in the deathrun gamemodes folder but I don’t know where? Can you Give me directory to there?

This time use “Backward Slash” for the directory.

Probably gamemodes\deathrun\gamemode\init.lua, but it depends on the gamemode’s implementation.

I can’t find it?
Could you try on your computer and see what you can find?
And if I do find it do I make a new string or find the string?

I don’t have your deathrun. Also, you know these paths are relative to your garrysmod folder, right?

Yes I know that they are in that folder.
But where? And when was there a different death Run?
Plus I still need help on the admin colours.

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This was an earlier quote but this was probably the most help so far.
I COMPLETELY forgot what a hook format is.
and I wanna put it in the directory lua\autorun\server but there is nothing there?

Create a new file.

This seems a bit TOO complex for me! Can you send me a folder with everything I need through E-Mail?


Can you attempt to make something?

Not Really. 'Cos it’s a bit too complex. Yeah I’m good at computers but not really coding!

Just try with what I gave you, even if you know its wrong. As a reminder, the first argument of hook.Add is the function (ShowTeam) and the second can be anything you want.

Wait so after: hook.add do I place the ConCommand?