Thirdperson for Darkrp Gmod 13

Hi I was wondering if there was a way to make it so when people say !thirdperson in chat they go into thirdperson and same with !firstperson.



If sv_cheats needs to be enabled then why the fuck would he use it.

Also, that’s really awful.

The easy way would be just to use CapsAdmin’s configurable thirdperson addon on the workshop.

How is this dumb it works,
and this is easy…
You just need to relax and realize that this is a suggestion of what he could do.

Except it doesn’t. You open yourself up for exploits incredibly by even turning on sv_cheats, there’s no way anyone would have it on and have a server unless they like people noclipping, flying around, god moding themselves, and so on. It’s a shitty solution to the problem.

I said it MAY need sv cheats enabled (Get it MAY, as in it may or may not be needed)

No, all it’s doing is having a client execute a concommand through code. They could literally just type thirdperson or firstperson into console and get the exact same results, all you did is make a chat line that added length for no apparent reason. You would have to have sv_cheats on, anyone with knowledge of lua would know that.

i know this is an old-ish thread, but id be interested to know if this is possible to do on my server as well without the sv cheats being enabled

No the script near the top of the thread would need it enabled and it’s just the wrong way to do it.
Search these forums for a third person script, I’m sure you’ll find a good one.
Hyper Iguana’s link works too.

All you do; in response to kiel367 is make a post in the Problems that don’t require a thread topic.

But since we’re here: CalcView hook is what you’d need, plus a way to toggle a variable which controls the third-person. If you’re in thirdperson, just get the aim-vector :Forward( ) Normal multiply by negative units to position behind the character, and modify view.drawviewer to true to avoid needing to use the ShouldDrawLocalPlayer hook.