Thirdperson in vehicles

Ok this is a problem only I have apparently because there are absolutely no answers on google what-so-ever…
Anyway, When I try to go into thirdperson in vehicle(Ctrl) it shows the camera inside my head and not outside the car. I play on multiplayer servers So any commands in console that require sv_cheats 1 will not work…

It looks like this

Mine does the same thing, I think its made like that now

Same, I think it’s just so you see your limbs now.

I hope not because, that sucks.

The problem is the vehicle model’s “clip” which the camera will not go through (willingly). Same thing applies with maps, you cannot see through walls unless you do something really funky with your camera. I believe that if you look down it would move away, there is also from the sides. As far as I am aware it has always been like this