Thirdperson not working

My thirdperson is not working when I get in a car and press ctrl it does not work,
if anyone can help me, much would be appreciated,

Are you using the normal jeep or are you using a jeep or another car from a downloaded car pack?

Its another car from a downloaded pack

Okay sometimes cars from packs that you download weren’t made very well and you can’t go into third person. Spawn a regular jeep and try third person. If it works, its not your fault it doesnt work on other cars.

I just tested it in single player and it doesnt work, one thing I noticed though, in the jeep whenever I press ctrl my arms disappear but I don’t go thirdperson

Well thats a bug beyond my understanding. Im going to have to call on my unknownrandompersonpassingbytheforum helpforce.


Honestly cant help you.

Well I just uninstalled ASB ( A Simple Bot ) Maybe thatll fix it


Yes sir, that fixed it,
Thanks for the help anyway