Thirdperson / Player holster/deploy animations.

I created a system for firstperson player holster animations to be displayed if they exist, otherwise the weapon moves downward off screen before the next weapon is equipped to create a more realistic system for switching weapons; it’s not instant, it takes time but once you select a weapon it’s automated. It still looks odd in third person, and for some reason I can’t figure it out.

I’ve tried using PLAYER:SetSequence, PLAYER:RestartGesture, PLAYER:AnimRestartGesture, PLAYER:AnimRestartGestureSlot ( Using the GESTURE_SLOT_CUSTOM and even the GESTURE_SLOT_ATTACK_AND_RELOAD ). I was able to get the Primary Attack to work whereby a muzzle flash would be produced. Reload would not work; even with PLAYER:DoReloadEvent( ).

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, maybe it’s the player model ( using Breen ), maybe someone can shed some light on why the gestures / animations aren’t playing.


First, Make sure those playermodels/npcmodels have the animations.
Second, make sure its the right ID of that gesture.
And it being viewed in firstperson, thats something i don’t know.
I hope this helped.

What the fuck…
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