Hey guys its me again I would like to request thirdperson that is like the default gmod thirdperson exactly i would really apreciate this and thanks!

There was a thread about this 10 hours ago.
Look before posting.

Ok your misunderstood i want someone to make me one

Your also misunderstood.
We are not your slaves, I gave you the code. If you bothered to click the link and read the text you will see the example is a thirdperson script, reading the basics on lua client/shared/server will help you install it.

Ok well i saw that awhile ago and i used concommand to make a command and it didnt work ok

Show me the code, i will help you correct it.

function MyCalcView(ply, pos, angles, fov)
local view = {}
view.origin = pos-(angles:Forward()*100)
view.angles = angles
view.fov = fov

return view


hook.Add(“CalcView”, “MyCalcView”, MyCalcView)

hook.Add(“ShouldDrawLocalPlayer”, “MyHax ShouldDrawLocalPlayer”, function(ply)
return true

function GM:ShouldDrawLocalPlayer()
return true

concommand.Add(“togglethirdperson”,function( ply,pos,angles,fov )

I’m not sure, but I think you fix it by changing the concommand.Add part to this.
concommand.Add( “togglethirdperson”, ShouldDrawLocalPlayer )[/lua]
If not then I tired.

Ok wish bone thanks for help but it did not work can anyone else help me

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Ok Actually this did work error on my side but the thing i need is to make it toggle so when i type in the command again it goes back to firstperson