Hey everyone!

Yes, I’m a noob to Rust that is not asking for a Beta Key or selling them, but I do have a neat idea for this new-born survival game.

A Thirst meter, It goes down slightly faster then the Hunger meter, but Water is more common then food.

Also, maybe a Water-Catcher that is hard to make, maybe 50 Iron, Wood, and 4 Pillars?

Hit me in the face with Feedback ^_^!

would be terrible

also really “^_^” don’t do that please

Before there’s working water, using thirst would suck. We’d also need rain and lakes for that.

and that only means MORE walking and gathering

I’d rather not just get water and have some dude lynch me with an AR.

I actually think water would be pretty cool. especially if water carried radiation which would add more depth to health management.

As health management, not an additional weakness.

don’t drink the radiated water… man, said no one ever.

Anyways yes including some sort of thirst would add to the survival experience, but for now lets just get this game out of alpha :slight_smile:

I personally think that food is enough, it would be alot of gathering with water aswell and if we were supposed to have water we would have to make some lakes or pits with water. People would camp those for sure. Just my opinion tho :slight_smile:

There’s already water bottles, but a way to gather water and rain would be great.