Thirty-Five and Insertion

This is my first serious series of ragdoll poses in Garry’s Mod, it is about a telekinetic stalker ‘35’ who breaks free and wreaks havoc on the scientists and security forces of the research compound she was experimented in. These are concept pictures of a machinima that I’d probably never finish, let alone start.

I know they’re not the best, I’m a real noob at ragdoll posing and Photoshop.

The next series of poses is called Insertion, it is incomplete. It is a precursor to Thirty-Five, portraying the events that led to her discovery and capture.

I know the gun posing sucks, I need a bit more practice.

This is really good. The posing on the guy holding the gun in the first picture could be better. He looks too stiff. But still this an excellent first try at serious g-mod posing. :smile:

Lol I’m making a comic kinda like this right now… dont get pissed if we similarities on the history.

I like how you are only using in-game effects but try them to look a little bit more realistic (Go easy with the blood emitters and try improving your posing before showing next the pics).