"This ain't old fashioned cola" Nick and Coach in an apartment


See who’s missing? :saddowns:

Where is Bill? God Damn it.

Poor bill, no cola for him :saddowns:

That’s the point.

Valve may have killed Bill. But I sure as hell haven’t.

Nice quality on Coach and Ellis.

huh zoey,you got some huh…you know…left on your lips

Bill’s present before he dies.

jesus… coach and ellis look fucking REAL

Except for the stock beard textures.

Why does Zoey have white liquid dripping from her lip? :ohdear:

Goddamn those models are sexy

“Oh You!”


As for Zoey, it looks more like a ring to me…

It’s a ring.


Rate me late.


R.I.P Bill

:crying: I hope he is having fun shooting some vietcong in heaven

Cool, something good.

OMG, something without private models! did the earth change rotation?

really nice pics you got there, posing looks nice and so does the lighting
good job!

I like it! Sorry for gravedigging, but why does Zoey have a lip ring?

It was a facemap I was using for a comic.