This Anti-kuroderp shit is getting old

Seriously I hate it every time someone sees something remotely touched by Kuroderp they need to make a fucking rant in the thread. It’s old, annoy, and causes drama.

You can hate him but keep it to yourself or in this thread.

So you made a rant about people ranting about some ranting son of a bitch who rants out each time he makes a new gamemode to screw people out of their money?

Well then, fuck you, my good sir. :tiphat:

Damnit, if I had 300 dollars I would buy myself VCP and other shit then buy his shitty gamemodes he shuts down after A MONTH.

Nobody likes Kuro because he sells shitty to decent gamemodes for ridiculous prices and then shuts them down when he sees fit - just to sell new gamemodes. The point is that unless you find and remove all backdoors, Kuro’s gamemodes just aren’t worth use, let alone the money you spend on them.