This community... lol

First, let me just say that I enjoy Rust. I enjoy the random shit-talk and the random idiot spamming retarded lion king songs and shit in chat from time to time. It makes me laugh. Especially when people join under names such as Gingy and have a group dedicated to the character names, and what not of Shrek / whatever title they’re comparing themselves to, or whatever they’re able to Roleplay well. It’s great, it’s funny when raiding them to hear them scream stupid shit in character…

But the one thing that honestly I can’t seem to understand…

Is how the hell you people claim admin abuse and cry and whine like a bunch of bitches, claim hacks, etc… when you die legitimately… we’re using medkits when we’re bleeding and utilizing cover / sniping your asses from distances that are hittable (considering max range), and taking the time to place our shots while you stand lifeless in a window pretending to shoot at us, or shooting wildly in hopes that “maybe” you’ll land a shot.

It baffles me how you kids cannot stand the fact that this game is a sandbox with FPS elements in which FPS players will always have the upper hand. With that being said… those with avid FPS backgrounds, who come from a long time of playing, or have played games similar to CSGO / Insurgency, are bound to hit more often, place shots better, and take the time to hit you.

Yet when you die its instantly “omg hacks” “admin abuse” “how do i know you’re not cheating or using admin powers?”

Lets examine this shall we?

First: Admin powers mean you literally cannot die, wont take damage. Thats more than obvious, especially if someone is using admin powers and just standing there letting you shoot them and not looking for cover.
Second: Hackers and cheaters don’t pretend to hide their hacks in Rust. They openly admit it and laugh about it knowing you’ve got a hemorrhoid the size of a grapefruit because of how butthurt you get.
Third: The pedantic childish “admin abuse” attacks are another form of your melodramatic ways of attempting to justify your shitty play ability. I hear it non-stop on my server because people get their ass kicked by the admins who come from a long line of FPS games and aren’t horrid/shit players. It’s just funny that the vast majority of people on my server know good and well that I die, and when I do… I go to my collection of guns that I’ve not only crafted, but looted from killing people / raiding your supposed ‘impregnable’ fortresses.

C4 is craftable on most servers. What’s hard to understand about that?

We either team up with the right people, or we grab an airdrop and research kit the Explosives, and Explosive Charge(s).

Zombies, can also drop C4. Which brings me to my next point:

Have you ever just farmed zombies for hours? Eventually they will drop C4. It’s rare, but it happens. Hell a buddy of mine found two within 10 minutes off zombies.

The other thing that just baffles me is how the minute someone dies in this game, they’re automatically using hacks. If that were the case, the VAC ban wave would’ve gotten us all. But it seems most people can’t handle being bad at a game or admitting they have faults and flaws in which they could improve their gameplay.

Especially when there’s 14 of you versus 4 of us and alone I can take 7 of you using a bolt action / m4 / mp5. That screams that you are A) not aiming correctly, B) not anticipating the fact that I will look for your flaws and weaknesses, and C) I have medkits on me. If I didn’t bring medkits during a raid, I would have no room to cry about dying, or room to even bother to justify my position in death at that point.

If you get the jump on me, great job. I’m glad you accomplished killing me, and I’ll return again when I’m ready to die more or kill more. If not, well, guess you should have jumped me with a shotgun and been really close.

All in all, I’m just baffled by how insanely stupid this community is as a majority versus the people that actually matter and stick with it. To the people who don’t quit because of one death, or because you got raided once: Thank you for being awesome players, and you are part of the community that actually understands that it happens, and this is how it goes. To those that cry and bitch like highschool girls with more drama than a Shrek movie… I think Hello Kitty Island Adventure is calling your name. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

That’s a long post just so you could have an excuse to throw that out there. :wink:

Ps - This is a joke btw, i actually agree with a lot of your post. Thought i’d better clear that up. :slight_smile:

What excuse? I’m literally saying the vast majority of people who play this game are babies. Where the fuck are all the good people at that can give me a run for my money? I’d rather them come play and have a good time instead of harboring children who whine the minute they die.

EDIT: Glad to see you agree. I still stand to my point though above… Where are all the good players? =[

I totally agree, my fellow admin and I have both been wiped out completely twice and just rebuilt and came back stronger and with a better base layout both times. However the moment we hit someone elses base up they scream bloody murder and quit the game (even the same guys that wiped us the second time).

We even walked into a field (the two of us) with a compound of 10 bases and seiged them for 4 in game days straight to try and get a reaction. The 5 players on at the time there all had full kev, all weapons and metal bases but totally refused to put up a fight to us invading and instead walked around naked dying over and over whining about how “unfair” it was that we were raiding a house and how we were total “Assholes”.

We didn’t even C4 our way in to the one house, just walked in an upper window…(they had all the interior doors open too)

My server is not PVE, I state this every single day and I still can’t seem to get a group of half decent players that actually want to play the end game (killing players) and not just build castles. I got “reported” to myself for “aimbotting” under a different name because “4 headshots in a row are impossible” on someone that stands still when firing.

Long story short, this forum is full of CareBears who want this to be a friendly game of house where nobody can hurt anybody ever (unless they’re the ones doing the hurting), or where all combat is confined to an arena, or where there are bureaucratic rules such as “no sprinting with your gun drawn”, or where raiding is prohibited except during a 15-minute raid window each day to be agreed upon by a ratification committee that meets biweekly except during times of blah wharbargl blah.

These are the morons who whine and cry about getting shot.

Oh, you mean to tell me a group of 3 skilled players took down your 10-player, heavily-fortified, double-walled base because they employed basic strategy? They laid out a bunch of sleeping bags, supply boxes, shelters, and executed their raid at night while 8 of your 10 were out gathering resources? Yup, must be hackers. Obviously.

Those are the people I kick from my server. Nut up or shut up. Reporting a legit cheater is one thing (“he’s currently flying around Metal Hill right now, it’s (playername)”), but the “someone broke into my base but none of my walls are missing CLEARLY THEY ARE HACKING” players get the boot.

I had some girl literally bawling on our server because “you guys think PVP is the answer to everything”. It IS a PVP server, so my response was to find her and shoot her in the head.

Totally agree with you, and I’d only like to add that I love the crunchy sound a CareBear makes beneath a kevlar boot.

ehe i just got banned from the 4th server i played on…
those admins

Whats funny is I watched one of my admins not in Godmode or anything of the sort, with 25 large medkits, a bolt action, an m4, a p250, and an mp5 take out 15 guys… they kept respawning with guns upon guns upon guns etc…

He destroyed them. The final fight one got him to 2 hp and he yells in the microphone over Axon saying “HOLY SHIT 2HP OH FUCK DUDE IM SO DEAD” and he survives due to a proper timed medkit and a shot to this guy’s forehead.

They start claiming “I see hacks are great in your future” because they get wrecked. They were the server superpower beforehand, now they’re a bunch of banned kids for dropping racial epithets in my server, which I clearly state is against my rules. My server, my rules. Nut up or shut up.

Then later on, we raid some people who are offline when we rolled their asses earlier in the day and I managed to scream a 7:1 KD ratio on these kids before they even slammed me once.

Funny enough, we raid them while they’re offline, same basic wooden shit with barely any metal doors, and the ones we did blow, we found lootboxes under every freakin stairway.

It’s sad to see that they claim “admin abuse” because they were offline and they didn’t properly secure their base correctly.

Hell I have a gayboy tower that spans probably a good 20-30 floors up with doors upon doors upon doors. Good luck raiding me, and if you successfully blow all of them with 40-60+ C4 charges… I deserve to be raided.

But we didn’t spawn any C4 in to destroy them and take all their shit. We simply played smart and chose an opportune time to raid them.

What is even funnier is that they killed us earlier and prevented our raid with 4 of us. When we went at night there were 7 of us. Sounds like the boat of children just came in overnight since they’ve been active players on my server for ages, and know damn good and well we don’t abuse admin powers. We use them to ban hackers / cheaters and glitchers. Otherwise, I don’t use them at all.

That’s the problem with this community though. A bunch of whining bitchy little girls. OMG PVP’D ON A PVP SERVER. Wow, didn’t see that one coming right?

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Well put sir. I totally agree with you. PVP’d on a PVP server. If you can’t handle it, the carebear tissuebox is to your right, and the server disconnect button is to your left. Otherwise, drop the racial epithets so I can drop the banhammer gladly. It’s literally one warning, then a ban.

Really, I understand where you are coming from.

People just need to find high quality “Player Killer” servers. Not PvP. PK. PK is just straight killing, all the time, no holds barred. No cheating, fair and impartial admins.

That’s what you want and need in a server.

lol. That was a great read.

Lmao Lion King music. Gotta hear that one in-game.

~ C

Broadcasting Ride of the Valkyries on local chat just as a siege is beginning is also enjoyable. Just make sure your Mumble-Mates approve.

LOL. I could see us doing this. Considering I blare metal all day, something like classical siege music… Oh dear God, the amount of lols generated.

Problem is that there are actually large amounts of hackers and cheaters when someone gets killed by a skilled player they auto assume hacks

One of the double edged swords with Rust is just how much you lose when you die, and that’s why I guess you see a lot more people complaining, it’s just how it is. Also I don’t think its fair to call the people that whine ‘insanely stupid’. It’s very easy to say things you don’t haven’t thought out when your in rage mode from losing a full set of kevlar and M4.

But please don’t take me as not empathizing with your situation as well, I can understand how annoying it is but it’s one of the things you have to deal with when you’re in that situation.

You have a valid point here Coolade420, but honestly… there’s one portion of it that doesn’t hit home…

The fact that you lose everything and you’re in rage mode.

Here’s why:

  1. You had full set of Kevlar? Did you research kit it after farming zombies for kits?
  2. Assuming you have the blueprints… You can re-make it all, and it doesn’t require much metal.
  3. Oh, you’ve lost everything? I guess the point of a SURVIVAL GAME is to just PVP Deathmatch and you’re never going to lose any of your gear. It must be an MMORPG now with BiS gear and it’s all soulbound. Nope. ----- Survival game. You die and lose your shit, that’s your own problem and you should think before you engage next time.
  4. If you quit every time you die and just hop to another server… how do you expect to ever gain any skill?
  5. Whining about admin abuse is about the equivalent to crying over spilled milk. It doesn’t do any good when you A) have no proof it was admin abuse, B) have been playing on that server for AGES and you know damn good and well the admins dont spawn anything for themselves, and C) you ragequit every time you die. Welcome to Rust.

It’s completely fair to call them insanely stupid. Reason being is that I have to deal with these whiners and hear them complain time and time again about “hacks” or “admin abuse” because they’re not as good at Rust as me and the people I run around with.

Now I still die from time to time, and guess what… I carry lightly.

I dont farm with a full suit of Kevlar and 4 guns with 3 different ammo types… I farm with a full set of Leather, and a hatchet and a no-slot P250 with maybe 50-60 bullets in it.

Why? I still have a little bit of a chance of winning with a p250. I have leather which means a headshot will do me in, but at that it provides enough bullet resistance to ward off attackers or get away if I can.

But that’s the point… it’s gear that I don’t care about losing if I die… If people are too daft to understand that you don’t always roll around with full kevlar, then them dying is a deserved death, and they screwed it up themselves. It’s not always the admins’ fault that you decided to deck yourself out and attempt to melt face only to get screwed because you weren’t solid enough to land the kill.

What do you expect… How old do you think that most people are that play this game? Yeah… there is your answer…

Given by your sarcastic remark and rather sad retort, I’d say you’re about as old as the majority of them. Guess my answer is clearer now. Thanks :slight_smile:

All the “pros” have their own servers and farm noobs that join and scream about how good they are.

Sad truth is that these dudes who all think they are so great are so scared to lose that they wont congregate on one server. Hurts their epenises too much.

I’d be glad to disprove that for you, since your response sounds like a challenge and a call-out.

Maybe the good players are keeping away from you. :tinfoil:

haha you have a good point