This dumbass keep's uploading other people's shit

Evidently his name is CloserS and uploads other people’s addons and stuff without even giving a hint of credit. And Idiots are actually downloading from him.

^ Thats just one of his re-uploaded dubs. If someone would be as so kind to perma-ban him,

I’ve seen quite a bit of his reuploads lately.

I would love to see him banned.

I would like to see him banned right now. :smiley:

Nvm, they got deleted and his account too i guess.


I saw ‘his’ stuff. At least justice is served.

SUCCESS. Trolltard has been banned.

what stuff did he upload?, i just wanted to know what things that idiot did

He uploaded stuff like: DurgzMod, Timespent, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember, none was his work.

My god, well atleast he got banned, we wont be hearing from him for a while :smug:

Idk… they always find a way.

Wow that guy was a huge dick good thaing hes banned :smiley: