"This feeling.. This power.." Dark Soap.

Just a little edit test.


I lol’d.



Oh god.
Atleast he didn’t turn into one of those cool rappers.

The angle isn’t too good and the edges of the lightsaber are way too hard. There’s also an obvious ball at the end of the blade. The way his head-shoulder area is posed is kind of funny.

The posing is hilarious.

It’s not a serious pose, but just a little joke.

Are you… Are you…

Are you making fun of Star Wars???




No ! I’m makin’ fun of MW2 ! :wink:

Say that again! I dare you, I double dare you!!

MW2, it’s a true joke.

Oh wait, I love this game.


Omg l0l pwn3d n00b

Kill me with fire, then…

how do i upload screenshots?

this is epic.

Oh, and above post: http://filesmelt.com/

It’s supposed to be * Darth * Soap

I wouldn’t have a lightsaber on that close to a haz-mat barrel/drum.