This forum really needs various sub-forums

Technical Problems
Concept Art
General Discussion
New Player Discussion

Then the shit posting wouldn’t bother me as much.

Don’t make Garry angry, you won’t like him when he’s angry!! :wink:

why would this make him angry?

It was a joke about you saying there is something wrong with his forum, but I do agree with you.

There is nothing wrong with the forum for people who misread that

It’ll probably be added in after alpha or some stage of Rust.

U wut m8? A lot of things here is wrong. 0 information, 0 CM’s, shitload of spam, null communication with devs, most of mods and gold members are dickheads, there are also idiots, keybegGING’ERS. But we still are reading this shit with hope :v:

yeah and people like you lol xD

seriously though, i think subforums might dilute the rust chat, since there isn’t really that many threads to fill each category yet. the main problem is undescriptive thread titles.

Yeah it needs! But this way is kinda fun!

Yea, sure. But i didnt came here for your FacePunch community but for Rust and it’s a big difference.

Anyway i agree about the idea but when you look at other subforums under GAMES section - Minecraft or General games discussions don’t have their subforums only threads so i don’t think its possible. Maybe someday they will make something like “Gary’s mod” section

how could anyone disagree with this? you enjoy the forum mucked up by every jerk who can make account and start blabbing? not to mention the wide array of threads and difficulty navigating through them.

actually its possible you just don’t know what you’re talking about

also the part i bolded is why most pre june 2013ers hate rust.

I really liked Rust when the most amount of people was 30 due to an event.

Now it’s full of the lets player audience kids, who are usually terrible players.

It’s usually because those forums are a bit more organised in terms of the members who visit them, so usually information is amassed into a series of mega-threads.

I only said I think, not that its not possible

Maybe, I don’t know but i will believe you. But its the only official Rust forum and I also dislike this mess and key-begging and shit. I hope that people like me wont spread out form here to another FacePunch sections so you will be able to sleep in peace :v:

Rust doesn’t need more sub-forums - people wouldn’t use them anyway, most of them don’t even bother with reading the sticky. What it needs is 24/7 mod surveillance and a loose banhammer.

Better yet, make it so you can’t join without having a key (or an invite), then move the key giving stuff to Garry’s blog, twitter or whatever.

It does seem like a lot of the face punch staff are “annoyed” with the amount of attention that Rust has brought to the forums, reason being are all the bans (which are understandable) but they are usually followed up with a rude unnecessary comment/reasoning, so perhaps having more sub forums would help this.

If i’m not mistaken Facepunch isn’t a forum for Rust it is just being used for Rust.

Ahahaha, facepunch has always been like that though.

It’s a subforum itself?