This game absolutely fucks my computer whenever I exit out

Any time I exit this game to go to desktop, whether it be shutting the game down entirely or alt-tabbing, my computer just shits itself. It can run the game perfectly most of the time on ultra settings or whatever, but the second I try to do anything outside of the game in my second monitor, my computer just goes to shit. Windows locks up, can’t move the mouse, ctrl+alt+delete doesn’t work, screens freeze, etc. What’s even worse is after it’s done locking up, my computer remains slow as shit for a solid 2 minutes after the game is closed. What the fuck is the deal with this game? It’s only this game that does this, no other game in my Steam library or otherwise even comes close to doing what Rust does.

I’ve experienced similar issues with other games if they run in fullscreen. I don’t play rust often, sorry, but check if you’re running in fullscreen. If you are, try running in ‘borderless windowed’ if you can.

Is your video driver up to date? Is Rust hogging up a ton of RAM? (Check before shutting down)

Rust doesn’t have fullscreen. What you think is fullscreen is a borderless window.

Nah I’m pretty sure rust has full screen…

If it was a border less window, then shouldn’t you still be able to see the computers task bar?

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Please correct me if I’m wrong, it was suppose to be more of a question, I just worded it wrong.

You can, just hit the windows key. If it pops up over whatever you are doing it isn’t full screen, it’s some type of windowed mode.

If it hiccups and minimizes the game, it’s full screen.

yeah same here.

Same here, rust freezes as soon as i press the Disconnect from server button… Only solution in my case is to close the game trough task manager. It is almost as Rust dont want you to leave the game :frowning:

Yep freezes when you disconnect or quit game, usually unfreezes in a min, but crashes every now and then too.

I sometimes see rust pulling 5-6gig of ram @ 2560x1440

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How much ram do you have?


When i went from 6 to 12gigs it was super slick

Hitting the disconnect button does cause a brief freeze.

I have a habit of just force closing out now…

16gb but it eats up to 11-12gb

You running 1440p and seeing that much after 3-4 hours of Rust?