This game is addicting

I haven’t made a thread on here yet and I plan on making more a little more constructively but I just want to say this game is addicting. It has been a $20.00 well spent and I can;t wait to see what the devs have planned for the future. I read they do not want another dayz so it’s exciting to know that the players that have the game will experience the potential with me.

Thank you to Garry and his team. you guys have earned it.

yeh, 100% agree. Totally well spent money, and don’t know why i waited so long!

This game is affecting my marriage.

It’s also effecting my friends parenting ability as well lol

this might beat football manager in the divorce paperwork soon! lol

Already considering getting a divorce because of this game. I hate to think what it’s going to be like come release.

I came so addicted that i had to rent my own server, because i couldn’t sleep anymore, with the fear of being raided and losing my 20 hours of collecting gears. Now as an admin i can somehow sleep as i only have a small server with not-too-big population and we have a decent base.