This Game is Disgusting.

I’ve played the game for a total of 24 hours so far, and what have I accomplished? Nothing. As I type this, my room is filled to the brink by my tasty salty tears.

The farthest I’ve went into the game is getting a house setup with a furnace a work bench and I had a mp5 and a pistol. What happens? A team of faggots with their fancy pants satchel charge blows up every metal door I have and proceed to kill me and basically make me start with nothing but a rock again.

I server hop. On this server I’ve never gotten past the stone hatchet phase because as soon as I spawn and begin getting resources, a crazed gunman with a m4 starts shooting naked people. As you’d imagine I’m quit boiling at this point and these group of people were so nice to me and offered me to join their team ( I accepted ) They offered me space to build a house on their land. So for the next few hours I put my heart and sweat into my new location. Gathering as many resources as possible and making stuff, all the while I’m chatting and joking with them on TeamSpeak. So today I come home from school and login with nothing but a rock. My new so called friends have just wiped my existence out of this universe.

As dumb as I am and I don’t learn, progression in this game eventually is destroyed by satchel charges. I server hop once more and make a house get stuff. This time I even managed to get kevlar and an m4. What happens? I look outside and see a fucking staircase leading up to my window. I block it off with metal doors, but who cares? Satchel fuckin charges. " THANKS FOR THE SHIT HOMEBOY " are the last words I get to hear before I’m left again naked with a fucking rock.

TL;DR - How the fuck are you supposed to progress in this game

You keep playing, build a house where you are nowhere near resources (since people congregate there,) and get better.

Get better? Get better at what? Stacking metal doors to stop satchel charging? Been there done that.

When people in this game fucking want you, they will fucking get you.

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The fact that you have to PRAY when you’re at work/school or while not playing this game that you won’t login to see yourself only with a rock.

So you keep playing, we all have had it bad playing, you just really gotta get better. Be more strategic with where you put your house, go to rad zones to get supplies from crates, all that. You will get there eventually.

Set up in multiple areas, when things get heated in one area, move to one of your other bases. When one houses gets raided, you have things to keep you going in other locations.

Get better at risk management/harm minimisation!

Making multiple bases takes time, getting past the first base will be a miracle dependent on whether a crazy m4 guy comes out or not

I built a single foundation base in the middle of no where, it’s FULL of stuff I’ve gotten from raiding. Not once have I been raided, the only way I’ve found to actually survive, is hide your base. Hide it very well, you can’t stop anyone from raiding your base even if its 22 stories high and 30x30 wide. Just build somewhere WELL away from everyone else, then that way the only thing you really need to gather is Metal/Sulfur mines for more gunpowder.

Takes 10 minutes to set up a 1x1 base…just make a bunch of them in multiple areas, or find some friends

Play on servers with fewer people

Join a noob friendly server

Also don’t go solo if you can’t pull it off noob

There should be a reason for players with better equipment to MOVE away from the players with lesser equipment.

Gotta ask; what more are you expecting after that point? You’ve basically got end-game gear, what else do you think this game has to offer once you’ve reached that point?

The answer is Nothing, it just comes down to maintaining the status-quo by killing other players in the same situation as yourself. That’s literally what the game is about; pushing other players down from the hill that you’re climbing/sitting on.

Could always play a PVE server.

Unfortunately you got dealt a bad hand by a bunch of jokers who pretended to be friendly. What you need to do is find a few people who actually are and build away. It won’t save you from the larger clans but it’ll make rebuilding not so hard when there are a few of you collecting resources and also offer a little extra protection if you all play around the same time.

There isn’t much of an ‘end game’ at the moment and when you know what you’re doing and you’re in an active group of a few people then it takes little more than several house to research everything, have a pretty substantial base and have plenty of gear.

Or go on an empty one to practice, that works as well.

I doubt your friends raided you, unless they made it obvious they aren’t going to talk to you.

Thanks for the actual question, made this so much easier.

The EASIEST way is blocking their entrance with a wood wall. Then when they try to C4 it down, put wood into your hotbar and as it goes off, SPAM THE SHIT out of the corresponding hotkey. Adding wood to the 4th slot and pressing 4 when looking at a damaged item repairs it by a little. If they have minimal explosive charges, this will protect you.

It’s cheap and a pretty dickish way to stop a raid, but it works if you’re struggling to get anything good.

If you don’t want to take drastic measures such as these, say so and I’ll give you an alternative.

Get used to it, this game isnt even done yet.

This game is still in progress. Obviously the devs are trying to change how the game plays, right now there are people in Kevlar who will hunt naked people.

I can pretty much guarantee it wasnt the lads you grouped with who raided you, a clan probably just came through and took everyone out…

Its VERY hard at first if you don’t know what your doing, so just be more carefull in your planning

This is a hardcore game in my eyes and not suited to everybody, but persistence is key :wink: